Ride for Rhinos Tour 2021

Ride for Rhinos Tour 2021

Cape Agulhas Guest House

Ride for Rhinos Tour 2021

Join us as a rider, sponsor, fundraiser, contributor or as a passionate supporter to spread the word & help us raise our target of ZAR 1,000,000 (£50,000) for conservation projects.

Ride for Rhinos Mission

Ride for Rhinos is a Charitable Incorporated Organization (registration applied for), whose aim is to actively contribute to wildlife & habitat conservation, anti-poaching projects & animal welfare, by sharing the African experience through adventure motorcycling, challenge, care & kindness.

Ride for Rhinos CIO Values

• All animals are part of our ecosystem & we all have a responsibility to care, show kindness & contribute to their wellbeing.
• Sharing the African experience to a wider audience through the spirit & joy of motorcycling adventure, challenge & making a difference.
• Raising awareness for wildlife conservation & environmental issues, keeping wild animals wild & sustaining their environment.

Alex Jackson

Alex Jackson has been riding motorcycles in Southern Africa since 1998 and is an experienced Bush Guide and Certified Tracker registered with FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa).

Alex’s company, Kaapstad Motorcycle Adventure Tours offer guided riding vacations in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho and Eswatini, and is the only tour operator able to take groups of motorcycles through one of South Africa’s premier Game Parks. In September 2017 Alex lead the first ever motorcycle group into Kruger National Park.

Alex is passionate about making a difference, sharing experiences, resourcefulness and adventure as well as contributing to making the world a better place for all species to live.

Ride for Rhinos Benefactors


Partner with us, become a sponsor & contribute to supporting the tour & raise funds through - equipment, motorcycle gear, clothing, tour logistics, raffle gifts.


Every £ raised from the tour goes directly to conservation projects. You will have full publicity before, during & after the tour.


• Fundraising activities, local rides, special events, bike meets, roadshows, talks.

• Contributions & donations through our JustGiving Ride for Rhinos Page.

• Buy our Ride for Rhinos T-Shirts, Stickers, SA Bracelets, Gifts, etc.

• Volunteer your time & share with your network, support the tour & the cause.

What Are You Sponsoring?

When you come on board as a Ride for Rhinos sponsor, you are buying into & contributing to a number of conservation projects, that will make a difference for the welfare & environment of wild animals.

The project raises funds & awareness for wildlife & habitat conservation to enhance the survival of threatened species in the wild & protect natural habitats while respecting the needs & safeguarding the welfare of individual animals.

One of the key areas of the project’s support is the contribution to anti-poaching & illegal wildlife trade initiatives.

May 2021 will see the 3rd Ride for Rhinos Fund Raising Tour, led by Alex Jackson of Kaapstad Adventure Motorcycle Tours. Alex is a trained ranger as well as an adventure bike tour guide.

Alex’s aim is to take 8 adventure bike riders through 6 African countries in 33 days, across 10,000kms through some of Southern Africa’s most spectacular countryside, visiting conservation projects and reporting on anti-poaching activities along the route.

The route will start in Cape Town in South Africa, ride up the west coast and through Namibia, across the northern tip of Chobe Game Reserve in Botswana and on to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. The tour will then head South through Zimbabwe re-entering South Africa where we will head into Eswatini after leaving Kruger National Park. The route will follow the east coast down to Port Elizabeth then along the Garden Route finishing back in Cape Town 33 days later. this is truly an epic ride and adventure for the 8 riders to experience the very best of Southern Africa.

The target is for Ride for Rhinos 2021 to raise ZAR1,000,000.00 (£50,000) which will be divided between meaningful conservation projects in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Publicity Plans

The Ride for Rhinos 2021 Tour is one of many future tours planned to raise awareness & generate much needed funds for conservation projects & to share the African experience with folks who care. The Tour & Cause will have a full Publicity Campaign through - Motorcycle & Adventure Magazines, Talks, Roadshows & Bike Events.

Past Ride for Rhinos funded projects

SAN Parks APU, incl Kruger National Park Various Anti Poaching Projects, including counter insurgency training, sets of binoculars & night sights, plus field kits for the Honorary Rangers.

Purchased, trained & supported a specialist K9 Annie Tracker dog.

Upgrading of the communications system in Tintswalo with signal boosters, they now have 100% coverage across the region.

Proposed 2021 Ride for Rhinos projects

SA National Parks - 50% of funds raised will go to the SANParks - Kruger National Park, Anti Poaching Unit. The money will be used to aid the APU Rangers in their fight against poaching & through building new purposeful accommodation & other projects.

Mother-Africa Trust, Zimbabwe - 20% of funds will be split between Moto Africa & The Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit, supporting anti-poaching efforts & wildlife crime in their areas.

Gondwana Collection Namibia - 30% of funds raised will go to Gondwana Reserve Tree planting project. When we meet our target we can plant up to 3,000 indigenous trees (Quiver Trees) to the Gondwana Nature Park.

Ride for Rhinos 2021 Project

If you are a regular visitor to our Friends of Ride for Rhinos site, then you will have almost certainly seen the work we have been doing over the last few years regarding helping support Anti Poaching efforts and wildlife conservation alongside SANParks.

Let us tell you a bit about how the Ride for Rhino tours came about.

It was in 1998 when I first visited South Africa, I hired a bike and, with a local friend, rode along some of the most amazing roads I’d ever seen.

After just a week I returned home, but I have visited, toured and guided tours there for the last 11 years on over 60 occasions now taking people on their own adventures both on & off road to experience South Africa on a motorcycle.

When I created the idea for Kaapstad Motorcycle Adventure Tours, it was with one simple aim in mind: to share my life-long love affair with the “Rainbow Nation” with as many people as possible and at the same time raise awareness for much needed conservation projects in South Africa.

I first completed my solo epic tour around Southern Africa in 2013, travelling over 10,000 kilometres on pretty much the same tour we are planning for 2021. It left me with a passion for African adventure, the people and for contributing to wildlife conservation there, I knew we had to do more....and so Ride for Rhino’s was born.

In September 2017 Kaapstad Motorcycle Tours led the first ever motorcycle group into Kruger Park to stay at Crocodile Bridge. This was part of the Ride for Rhinos event that we spearheaded and raised ZAR262,411 (£14,500) for the Honorary Rangers.

On the back of the success of the 2017 trip, we partnered with BMW Motorrad South Africa, for the 2nd Ride for Rhinos tour circumnavigating South Africa covering a distance of circa 5,500 kilometres in 20 days.

Through this tour we were able to donate a meaningful ZAR101,000 (£6,000) which paid for an upgrade of the communications system in Kruger National Park which is today having a positive effect in the war on Poaching.

Now in 2020-2021, we can do even more and we have set ourselves a challenging target of raising ZAR 1,000,000 (£50,000) and at the same time sharing the adventure with 8 fortunate riders who will tour & experience the very best of Southern Africa, including riding through Namibia and to the famous Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

We are currently planning the filming & recording of the 2021 Ride for Rhinos fundraising adventure for TV & commercial opportunities in the future, along with the publicity benefits to be gained by our sponsors & contributors.

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Ride for Rhinos Tour 2021

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