Southern Right Whales

Southern Right Whales

Cape Agulhas Whale Watching

Each year, Southern Right Whales make their way to South Africa’s southern coastline from their feeding grounds in the Antarctic. Here, in the safety of sheltered bays with warmer water they give birth and raise their young, and if the mood calls for it, breed.

This yearly event takes place between June and December with numbers peaking between August and September.

Below you can find some interesting facts about these magnificent creatures:

Scientific name

  • Eubalaena australis


  • Black colouration with callosities on the head
  • No dorsal fin


  • Adults measure up to 18m (females are larger than males)
  • Newborn calves measure about 4.5m


  • Adults weigh up to 60 tons
  • Newborns calves weigh about one ton


  • Two blow-holes create a distinctive V-shaped blow that can measure up to 4 meters in height


  • 50-100 years


  • Tiny crustaceans like copepods, krill and pteropods (yummy)

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Southern Right Whales

Cape Agulhas Whale Watching

Embark on an epic ocean safari with Cape Agulhas Whale Watching at the Southernmost tip of Africa. Launch from Struisbaai’s quaint fishing harbour and cruise along the bay inside the spectacular De Mond Nature Reserve with its endless stretch of sunkissed beach and then onward past the Heuningsriv...

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