Jewellery made from the purest materials, creating unique pieces for any occasion.

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Darme is a South African based brand, located in the serene village of l' Agulhas at the most southern point. Founded in 2003 by goldsmith & artisan Marius Koen. Finding inspiration from nature, ethnic tradition and fantasy our pieces are timeless & are intended as beautiful gifts for all occasions. We specialise in commissions of any nature.


The name Darme was derived from the term “Dare Dame” & the literal translation from the Spanish means “to give me”, hence it was established that Darme would be a creative arena for the giving of daring & beautiful pieces.


In the pages that follow are examples of the work we do from casual to extravagant dress jewellery & wooden designs handmade from exotic locally sourced wood to the traditional precious stone & metal  jewellery intended for any special occasion. 


Darme prides itself on the fact that all pieces are handmade to the highest standard always putting workmanship & quality first. We strive to create pieces that are significant & unique.

Engagements & Weddings

The expression of eternal love & the centuries old tradition of the presentation of an engagement ring is one of the most beautiful projects a goldsmith has the privilege to work on.


Darme has created engagement rings in a variety of settings: from eternity, three stone, millennium, solitaires, tiffany to Princess Diana rings & can supply any fancy cut from heart, pear, princess or marquise shaped diamonds. We always strive to create something unique & specific to the person it is being made for.


Sourcing the finest quality in diamonds & precious stones, Darme is equipped to assist  you in finding & designing your perfect symbol of devotion & all engagement rings come with a certificate of authenticity.


Please do not hesitate to send us your enquiry via email or give us a call during business hours. We can discuss all of your ideas & work together in designing a custom ring made specifically for you & by you for your significant other.

Dress Jewellery

Working with precious metals; platinum, palladium, white, yellow & rose gold as well as titanium & silver, Darme has expertise in sourcing diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires & all semi-precious gemstones. We produce jewellery pieces from the initial concept stage to the final polished product.


Inspired by the mechanics of objects found in nature, Darme creates interactive, unique pieces where the wearer not only has an interesting conversational piece but a piece that will also intrigue others.


Darme creates seasonal collections as well as bespoke pieces specific to the client’s requirements & new projects are always interesting & a challenge to work on. All enquiries are welcome!


Darme has been involved with designers in creating accessories like hatpins to more specific projects like signet rings with family crests & birth stones to restoring antique jewellery. The list is endless but we always ensure that we work closely with the client so that the end product is a piece that holds significance, personality & individuality for them.


Feel free to contact us with your enquiry via email at any stage or give us a call during business hours. 

Wooden Designs

Inspired by the magnificent imperfections in nature, Darme relishes the opportunity to work with wood. Based in l' Agulhas, surrounded by nature & having so many exotic woods sourced locally, we have developed a close relationship & respect for  the medium. Inspiration, fine workmanship & consideration of the grain are traits of our craftsman’s technique as can be seen in the revelation of the life within the wood.


Woods used include;  ebony, olive, pink ivory, stinkwood, petrified wood, driftwood & yellow wood. Darme is noted for our wooden sunglasses, which are hand carved from a solid piece so that the grain runs throughout, revealing it’s natural beauty.


We also design and manufacture wooden watches, necklaces, bracelets & earrings, all original hand carved pieces.


Darme ensures that all our wood is locally sourced & supplied only when available in a controlled environment from reliable sources, safeguarding the viability of rare & exotic species.



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