House of Carpets, Furniture and Appliances Struisbaai


Published: 09 March 2016
By:Ronel Jacobs

  • House of Carpets, Furniture and Appliances started in september 2006, after the owners carlo and Ronel Jacobs, being in the auction business at the time, decided to open a store from their home and start reselling New Furniture, Appliances and loose carpets
  • Ronel and Carlo's mother Hester had a dream, where they saw big glass windows, and lots of people entering and leaving their home.Thereafter they received confirmation that they should open a new business where they were staing at the time - and this is where the business is still operating from today.
  • They moved out of their home, and named the business House of Carpets, Furniture and Appliances - where "House" actually says it all - the business will be run from out of their house.
  • We would like to celebrate our 10th anniversary with all our loyal old and new customers, and thank each and everyone for their support

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