Affordable Security Gates

Affordable Security Gates

Lula Innovations - Shadeports

It's hot!  You are relaxing in your lounge with the door open.  You get up and go into the kitchen to make a refreshing cup of tea.  On your return to the lounge you are confronted by an intruder.

Scary story?  Nope, reality of Napier 2016.

A lightweight retractable slam lock gate is the solution.  Keep the doors open and let the breeze in while keeping the intruders out.

Affordable Security Gates

Mandy - Lula Innovations

Unless you speak Xhosa or Zulu, you may not know that LULA means EASY. How does that relate to us? Well, we make what we do look easy. The INNOVATIONS bit will become apparent when you visit our workshop. Our speciality is carports, but we do a lot more than that. Security bars and gates are ...

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