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Michael Steven Swanepoel - Artist Statement

Michael practices relief carving, one of the oldest and more complex art forms.  After two decades worth of self-study and commitment, Michael has created a unique technique which puts him in a class of his own, the fusion of two age old crafts, expressed in a fresh approach. 

Michael has built up an extensive gallery with diversified subjects.   From the brute strength of a Rhino and the starkness of an Oshakati watchtower, to the delicate petals of a miniature rose, Michael’s execution of challenging subjects and masterful application of chisel and brush come together in exquisite works of art.

Until now Michael has avoided exposure of his work, his aim was to build up a portfolio adequate of an exhibition, before entering the market.  Having reached this milestone, Michael now makes bronze casts and Fine Art prints of his work available to the art loving public.



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