Southern Tip Day

Celebrate living at the Southernmost Tip of Africa

Come join us for a festival of food, music, displays, and activities by the community for the community.

Activities to take place include a street festival, coastal birding, dinner and lecture, exploring, as well as the Southern Tip street market.

Click on 'More Info' below to find out more about the festival as well as activities scheduled to take place.

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The Southern Tip Day programme has been developed to coincide with the day the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias passed the Southern Tip landmass on his return journey to Europe.  Since 2008 with the first Southern Tip meal at the Tip of Africa Guesthouse, the programme grew to include a relay race (cycling and running), Meal and Talk, stalls and exhibits at Bosheuwel in the Agulhas National Park.  The aim has always been that the community takes ownership of the idea and “run with it”.

Early in 2019, it was decided to revive the programme, presented by the community for the community. The Agulhas National Park has entered into a partnership with the Cape Agulhas Municipality, supported by the Cape Agulhas Business Association, to organise the Southern Tip Street Festival in L’Agulhas.  Everyone in the community is invited to take part and enjoy the festivities.

Come and enjoy the day!!!

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition | L'Agulhas Street Festival - 12 - 19 May 2021

Southern Tip Day Street Market

Southern Tip Day Street Market | L'Agulhas Street Festival - 15 May

Suidpuntdag Ete en Praatjie

Suidpuntdag Ete en Praatjie | L'Agulhas Street Festival - 15 May 2021

Coastal Birding

Coastal Birding  | L'Agulhas Street Festival - 15 May 2021

Close Encounters of the Marine Kind

Close Encounters of the Marine Kind  | L'Agulhas Street Festival - 15 May 2021


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