Southern Tip Day

Celebrate living at the Southernmost Tip of Africa

Come join us for a festival of food, music, displays, and activities by the community for the community.

Activities to take place include birding, walking, cycling, running, exploring, eating, wine tasting, dance (17/05) as well as the Southern Tip meal.

Extra: Art Walk, visit the new Southern Tip Monument, Radio Overberg broadcasting live from L'Agulhas.

Click on 'More Info' below to find out more about the festival as well as activities scheduled to take place.

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The Southern Tip Day programme for May 16 has been developed to coincide with the day the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias passed the Southern Tip landmass on his return journey to Europe.  Since 2008 with the first Southern Tip meal at the Tip of Africa Guesthouse, the programme grew to include a relay race (cycling and running), Meal and Talk, stalls and exhibits at Bosheuwel in the Agulhas National Park.  The aim has always been that the community takes ownership of the idea and “run with it”.

Early in 2019, it was decided to revive the programme, presented by the community for the community. The Agulhas National Park has entered into a partnership with the Cape Agulhas Municipality, supported by the Cape Agulhas Business Association, to organise the Southern Tip Street Festival in L’Agulhas.  Everyone in the community is invited to take part and enjoy the festivities.

The L’Agulhas Street Festival consists of the following:

  1. The L’Agulhas Main Road will be closed from 09h00 to 14h00 between Crescent and Quarry streets.  The alternative routes are Van Breda Street and Clingen and Melkbos streets.  The closure of the road and diversion of the traffic will be managed by the Cape Agulhas Traffic Department.
  2. The Stinkbaai Day Visitor’s area will be open for parking.
  3. The ablution facilities at the Day Visitor’s area, camping ground and at the tidal pools will be open to the public for the duration of the festivities.

Come and enjoy the day!!!

KABA Fees Dance

Southern Tip Day | L'Agulhas Street Festival - KABA Fees Dance - 17 May 2019

Presented by Cape Agulhas Business Association, join us for a fees dance on Friday, 17th May 2019.

  • Time: 19:00 for 19:30
  • Place: Suiderlig Diessentrum, Malvern rylaan, Struisbaai
  • Dress code: Pink, white, black

Tickets cost R100 per person.

Bring your own picnic basket and wine. We will provide good music, dessert and lots of other surprises!

Contact person: Eloise Krige

First Sighting Wine Tasting

Southern Tip Day | L'Agulhas Street Festival - First Sighting Wine Tasting - 18 May 2019

Strandveld Vineyards is home to First Sighting wines which pay homage to the great vision that inspired the Portuguese explorers to discover a sea route to the spice-rich East.

In 1488 Bartolomeu Dias turned back after he failed to reach the East in search of a trading route. On his return journey, he passed a certain flat piece of land on May 16. He named it after an Irish monk, St Brendan, whose festival day it was: “Ponte de Sao Brendao”. 

You are invited to a First Sighting wine tasting experience: First Sighting Rosé, Shiraz and Pinot Noir, Strandveld, Adamastor and The Navigator.

  • Where: Wine Boutique, L'Agulhas
  • Time: 11:00 - 16:00
L'Agulhas Village Birding

Southern Tip Day | L'Agulhas Street Festival - L'Agulhas Village Birding - 18 May 2019

You are invited to join Dr Wim De Klerk on a L'Agulhas village birding morning as part of the Southern Tip day festivities.

  • Place: L'Agulhas Green area
  • Time: 07:30
  • What you should bring: Bird book, binoculars, hat and insect repellent, notebook and pen

Afterwards: Discuss sightings over a coffee at Suiderhart Coffee House

Southern Tip Day Art Walk

Southern Tip Day | L'Agulhas Street Festival - Southern Tip Day Art Walk - 18 May 2019

From the Southernmost Tip of Africa Monument to the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse and through the village of L'Agulhas.

Starting as far south as you can go on land, at the giant relief sculpture of Africa, taking the boardwalk to the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse, you will pass rock formations that form natural sculptures.

In the lighthouse, you can find the remains of the originally carved frontispiece of the lighthouse, as well as a display by local artists, themed "What makes the Southern Tip Unique". Outside the La Lise figurehead evokes the past.

The Agulhas National Park Office has strategically placed kudu horns for selfies, the Southern Wright II Gallery represents local artists, and Potpourri has art, coffee and more!

On the next corner, detour up Quarry Street to 8 Golf Street where you will see shell-clad walls and the largest sculpted spiral shell in the southern hemisphere at the Seashell House.

View a charming mural at Southpoint, a pebble mural at the L'Agulhas Kafee, and at L'Agulhas Seafoods a mural and an octopus light. Opposite at Suiderhart you will find Koffiekan sculpture, vintage bicycles and other art.

Seagulls have jolly, decorative art and a tiny shop opposite, Wild Flower Shop, is full of art and lovely things. Right next to this, the Wine Boutique has an art gallery, Liquorice, and the countertops are works of art made from old oak wine-vats.

Zuidste Kaap restaurant is full of unusual art including a mural for the Al Ray Yan ship's bell, a painting on leather, and a huge slice from an exotic-wood log which washed ashore near here.

Along the way, you will find charming items enhancing the owners' creative spirits. 

Park Run & Walk

Southern Tip Day | L'Agulhas Street Festival - Park Run & Walk - 18 May 2019

You are invited to take part in a Park Run and Walk from the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse on a new trail in a westerly direction, as part of the Southern Tip day festivities.

  • Run: Starts at 07:30 for 08:00 - Distance 21km, 10km, 6km
  • Walk: Starts at 08:30 for 09:00 - Distance 6km, 10km

Starting point: Cape Agulhas Lighthouse

Refreshments: Water will be available along the way

Southern Tip Street Market

Southern Tip Day | L'Agulhas Street Festival - Southern Tip Street Market - 18 May 2019

Join us at the Street Market in L'Agulhas Main Street as part of the Southern Tip day festivities.

Where: Open space between the Laundry and Crafty Pig (184) on Main, accessible from the Main Road. Kindly note that no vehicles will be allowed to park on location, for road safety reasons.

  • Time to put up stall: 08:00 to be ready at 09:00
  • Time: 09:00 - 17:00

What you should know:

  • Bring your own table, chair and shade.
  • You are allowed to sell anything legally permissible, except food.

To find out more about the activities to take place at the Southern Tip Day, check out the Southern Tip Day Programme attached under the 'Documents' section below.


Southern Tip Day - Meal - 18 May 2019

You are invited to attend a dinner commemorating Bartolomeu Dias circumnavigating the southernmost tip of Africa in 1488.

  • Venue: L'Agulhas Sea Foods
  • Time: 18:30 for 19:00
  • Meal: R200

The following menu will be served:

  • Starter: Sopa Portuguesa
  • Main course: Seafood plate - Prato de Frutos do Mar; Combination of fish, calamari, prawn, served with chips or rice.
  • Desert: Cream from Heaven Natas do Ceo
  • Vegetarian option available



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