Barrydale Giant Puppet Parade

Puppet Parade And Performance

Join puppeteers, artists and musicians for Barrydale’s Giant Puppet Parade on Sunday the 18th of December. Starting on the banks of the Klein Huis Rivier on Tinley Street, and ending at BF Oosthuizen Primary School, the parade culminates in a magnificent performance showcasing the giant puppets. Barrydales’s Net vir Pret, headed by Peter Takelo, facilitates an intern programme, a young leaders facilitation programme and also works with staff members, interns, performers and puppeteers from Barrydale who’ve been training through the process of the parade and production for many years.

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The Barrydale Giant Puppet Parade and Performance is a unique annual event that has been hosted by the town for over ten years.

Both street parade and performance are the celebrations of a year-long process of research, art, practice, education, exchange and serious play between collaborators.

Useful Information

Barrydale Puppet Parade’s organisers share the following useful information:

  • The parade route is about 1km
  • Take water along for the parade
  • From the start of the parade to the end of the show takes about 2-3 hours
  • Take something to eat, you might not be able to buy any food at the show
  • Plan where you are going to park your vehicle ahead of time because you will need to walk back to it after dark
  • Please be aware that most shops and restaurants will be closed



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