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The Overberg is known all over the world for its beautiful coastlines and mountains and part of the area’s charm is its endemic fynbos. In fact, if you arrive during springtime you’ll see a kaleidoscope of flowers spread over the slopes while the distinct, musky smell of these remarkable plants fills the air. Interestingly, this flora is so ideally suited to the area that the sporadic veld fires that lay waste to entire mountainsides actually work in their favour and assist in the propagation of the stunning shrubs and flowers. This means that a few weeks after a blaze, you can already see eager, plucky green shoots rising through the charred black remains of the former fynbos and trees.

The Betty’s Bay region in particular has its own microclimate with unique patterns of rainfall. Many people remark how it can be still and sunny in Betty’s Bay, while just a few kilometres away it’s windy and overcast. To make the most of this weather, many of the homes in the area grow indigenous plants. It’s no surprise then that local gardening services tend to cater for fynbos-heavy land. If you have acreage that needs professional attention, you’re sure to find someone knowledgeable nearby who can help. 

These services are incredibly convenient for homeowners in the area, because the majority of people keep their houses primarily for holiday use. This means that, while you’re not there, it helps to have someone tend to you gardens. Whether you simply need your lawn trimmed periodically or to have your flowerbeds nurtured carefully so they look spectacular by Christmas, you can find garden services to assist.  

It’s good to arrive at your holiday home for a long-awaited break and find the grounds in prime condition. Betty’s Bay gardening services assist by taking care of your plants while you’re not there. Maintaining your property well is essential to its value and longevity, but these aren’t the only advantages. Gardeners also help to control the vermin that tend to move in when land is neglected. When left unchecked, these animals can pose a threat to visitors, especially those with small, inquisitive children. 

By using a reputable garden service in Betty’s Bay, you can be sure that your home is in good hands while you’re away, hard at work. These professional companies take care of your precious grounds in a way that supports the local vegetation, adding to the overall value of this magnificent area.

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A landscaping company that offers a full range of gardening services including bespoke natural garden pond creation.

A landscaping company that offers a full range of gardening services including bespoke natural garden pond creation.

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