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Welcome to the Overberg! Skies seem bigger out here and the air is crisp and clean. When you’re in this beautiful setting, you’ll find yourself making excuses to get out of the house. In fact, the part of South Africa is arguably one of the nicest places spend time finding things to do outdoors. There’s something invigorating about this scenic area, it could be the spectacular ocean views, or the mysterious mountain trails that lead up to misty heights. Whatever it is, it keeps visitors coming back for more, and locals pleased as punch to call this gorgeous part of the country their home.

Betty’s Bay is a charming seaside “dorpie” that’s known by many as one of the Overberg’s most stunning getaways. Finding local clubs in Betty’s Bay is a pleasant exercise, as it gives you an excuse to explore the surroundings. You might be looking for sports clubs in which to set up a volleyball net or you could require a good swimming pool so you can do some laps. Even if you’re scouting out the local bowls club, you’ll soon find the right venue or people for your interests, either in the village itself or slightly further afield.

Some people want to find a sports club in Betty’s Bay to use as a venue for an event, such as a marathon, or a charity run. This pretty part of the Cape is home to some spectacular running trails, making it ideally suited to such occasions. The local lifesaving club also operates in the area, providing watchful eyes during the summer months and using the wintertime for training. Surfing, dune boarding and walking are just a few of the many other pass times that are enjoyed by people who live of visit this very special and scenic region.

What often surprises people about the Cape Whale Coast is that the various small towns in this region are remote and secluded, but yet still near enough to larger hubs to provide convenient access to essential services and amenities. This means that people around here enjoy the benefits of quiet, peaceful communities with spectacular surroundings all within close proximity to bigger towns. Whether you live here or are simply visiting for a short time, it won’t take you long to understand why the Overberg is known as one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa.

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