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Overstrand Edu-Centre is a Cambridge-aligned education centre combining middle and higher grades in Betty’s Bay. A dedicated faculty includes teachers and staff committed to providing high-quality education with Wingu and Evolve online schooling platforms. Small class sizes mean that learners at Overstrand Edu-Centre receive personalised attention and support. Overstrand Edu-Centre believes in the importance of in-person instruction, which is why students are required to attend school every day. However, if the need arises, Overstrand Edu-Centre has an online learning option to ensure students can continue to learn remotely. In addition to academic excellence, Overstrand Edu-Centre offers a variety of sports and extramural activities. Encouraging a passion for learning and discovery, Overstrand Edu-Centre strives to nurture and self-motivate each learner to reach their full potential.

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Overstrand Edu-Centre opened in January 2021 with thirteen learners.

Since then, the centre has grown in leaps and bounds, which resulted in relocation to larger premises to accommodate more learners.

Motto & Values

  • Be Kind
  • Be Inclusive
  • Be Wise
  • Be Respectful 
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Honest 
  • Be Brave


Overstrand Edu-Centre’s faculty includes two qualified teachers and an intern.

Cheryl Gleeson-Baird - Director of Education

“I have been in education for over 34 years and am as passionate about it as I was when I started. 

I believe in an all-around approach, developing not only the children's academic abilities but helping them to blossom emotionally and spiritually, ready to face life’s challenges. I am fair but firm when dealing with discipline. I use a values-based methodology to encourage children to become independent, responsible, and respectful towards others, their work and their daily lives. I have always encouraged children to reach their potential by setting attainable goals and believing in themselves. 

I am a positive individual and enjoy a good challenge. In my downtime, I like to read, mosaic and paint. I am married to Glenn and have two children, Calum and Nina. We have five dogs who all are part of the family.”

Michelle Simon-Kuhn - Senior Facilitator

“My education journey began over a decade ago in South Korea, where I taught English at an elementary school. I am very passionate about children’s learning and about making sure how our children learn matches the technology of our time. 

I enjoy working and interacting with children of all ages and supporting them through their learning experiences, social and life interactions. I am currently studying towards a diploma in education. 

I am also a fully-qualified Pilates teacher. I run the fitness programme and drama classes at the Edu-Centre.”

Jade Alves - Intern

Jade is studying teaching through UNISA, so being at the centre gives her valuable classroom experience. 

Currently, Jade facilitates the junior class. Her patience and kindness are evident in her interactions with the children. She works through concepts with them and sometimes assists senior children with their work.

Jade has several passions, including chess and sport. She has introduced the centre’s sports programme, which the children thoroughly enjoy. The children have grown in their chess skills through her guidance and expertise. Jade has entered them into chess tournaments, where they have done well.



The centre has three groups (classes) with English as a first language and Afrikaans as a second.

Divided into Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors, the children can do Cambridge-accredited levels or the IEB curriculum. Some of the older seniors also do the CAPS curriculum. 

Through the online platforms, learners are well-prepared for their examinations. They receive all the necessary assistance and support from the online and Edu-centre teachers. 

Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

Overstrand Edu-Centre offers the following cultural activities:

  • Art
  • Drama
  • Chess
  • Gardening
  • Access to Wingu Clubs

Sport & Extramural Activities

Sport & Extramural Activities

The following sports and extramural activities are available to learners at Overstrand Edu-Centre:

  • Physical Education
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Volley Ball
  • Surfing



School fees at Overstrand Edu-Centre are as follows:



Stage: January - December Class Times:
Stage 4 - 6 R2,400 per month (Parents pay online platform) 7.50 am - 2.00 pm
Stage 7 - 9 R2,400 per month (Parents pay online platform) 7.50 am - 2.00 pm
IGCSE  R2,400 per month (Parents pay online platform) 7.50 am - 2.00 pm
AS Levels R2,400 per month (Parents pay online platform) 7.50 am - 2.00 pm
Annual Stationery and Textbooks Covered by parents at the beginning of the year  
Robotics Free to Evolve learners 
Paid directly to Wingu
Foreign Language: Spanish, French Pay the provider directly  
Enrolment Fee R2,400 (Stage 4 - 7) 
R2,400 (Stage 8 - 12)
Payable on acceptance of the application
Annual Registration Fee Paid directly to Wingu  


Stage: Monthly Rate: Weekly Rate: Daily Rate:
Stage 4 - 6 R2,400 R1,000 R200
Stage 7 - 9 R2,400 R1,000 R200
IGCSE R2,400 R1,000 R200
AS Levels R2,400 R1,000 R200


  1. School fees are due in advance (no later than the second last day of the month by debit order) 
  2. Parents with two children in the school receive a 5% discount for the second child (excluding part-time learners) 
  3. The 5% discount doesn’t apply to extra subjects 
  4. Early bird special - a 5% discount will apply if school fees are paid in full by the end of January 
  5. Only one form of discount is available per family 
  6. School fees get reviewed annually
  7. Overstrand Edu-Centre has a three-month notice period
  8. Please see the application form for Terms & Conditions
  9. Queries: 

Online Applications

Online Applications

Overstrand Edu-Centre requires the following paperwork for online applications:

  • Child / Children’s Birth Certificate/s
  • Latest School Report 
  • Proof of Residential Address
  • Copies of Parent / Parents' / Guardian / Guardian's ID
Successful Applicants / Registration Fee

A registration fee will be required to secure enrollment, should your application be successful.

  • Stage 4 through 7 - R2,500 
  • Stage 8 through 12, GSE and AS-Level - R2,900

Please note: 

  • The registration fee is payable by the date indicated in the acceptance letter
  • Handing in a completed application form does not guarantee enrolment

Link to Online Application Form



“Overstrand Edu-Centre is a wonderful Wingu online teaching facility with a fantastic and experienced facilitator. From grade 4 up to and including High School. Very happy daughter and parents!”  Ellen Oerlemans



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