People inspire us, we like to inspire people

Our aim is to help people to understand themselves better, learning to accept the challenges of life and see their own talents and work with them.

We are not delivering answers but a way to walk your journey at your own pace.

Read more about the different modalities we use to help you to be inlighted, to be in the light and gain insight and understanding in SELF below.

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About us

Working with art for healing purposes is a relaxing and effective self-help tool that we use for more than 15 years already. During the years we combined our talent and skills more and more and in all the work we do you will find both of us. It is the strong and deep connection on all levels that makes our work special and unique. We are confident that because of this collaboration we have been able to create ways to help others to gain insight into self and with that a path to acceptance of the qualities we all have.

We make personalised drawings with a personally written message, Manfred is a powerful healer, Loes makes birth mandalas with a personal message. We give workshops in numerology and conscious drawing. Our readings and counselling sessions have the aim to help people to help themselves, to get to know who they really are and with that a deeper understanding of self.

We make and sell painted pebbles, painted with passion. Making these pebbles is a relaxing journey, for us. And a well received gift to give. They are decorated with mandalas, dots, ohms, owls, angels, text etc. You can order a customised one i.e. birthstones

Between the two of us we speak English, Afrikaans and Dutch

Our Philosophy

We like to inspire people and help them to understand themselves better. Our aim is to help you create a happy life instead of a living and to live your life to the full of your potential.
Conscious Drawings and Numerology are a great help in this.

Spiritual Awareness gives the opportunity to understand the true self and encourages freedom of thought and a holistic lifestyle.

What we offer

We offer:

  • Personalised Intuitive Drawings
  • Personalised Birth Mandalas
  • Handpainted Pebbles - choose from stock or order a custome made one
  • Angelcard and Numerology Readings - in person or via email or skype
  • Frequency Healing - in person or on distance
  • Workshops Conscious Drawings
  • Workshops Numerology
  • Talks

Contact us at our practice; via phone, email, facebook or meet us at the Country Market in Hermanus every Saturday 9-13



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