Circle of Fire
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Fri, Nov-11, 20H00 - Sun, Nov-13, 01H00

Circle of Fire is a gathering of fire spinners with the aim to co-create stories through movement.

With no words, your body tells a story whether you are aware of it or not. When we dance in the flames we have a unique opportunity to inspire and move those who watch. We have the opportunity to tell a story that stirs something deep inside the on-looker.

Circle of Fire is all about Soulful and Purposeful movement within the flames.

For some it is purely a personal journey towards inspired movement and for others it will be a journey for more inspired performances.

We have confirmed 3 of SA's leading fire performance artists to share some of their mad skills in physical theatre and choreography.

Learning from these incredible people we will then play and plan collectively to put on some mini fire shows. The theme for shows this year is ‘Transformation’.

  • (20)

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