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Adél Dog Training in Bredasdorp specialises in basic home obedience training for canines of all ages, sizes and breeds. Whether you have an eight-week-old poodle pup that needs to learn the ropes or a newly adopted mixed breed with emotional issues, dog training instructor and behaviourist Adél Dreyer will help you and your pet reach your goals. Adél uses positive reinforcement, combined with years of experience, to help achieve behavioural success. Additionally, Adél Dog Training offers specialised tracking courses that can be attended for fun or retrieving purposes. To be accepted into group classes Adél first does a pre-class assessment. If for any reason you can’t attend classes, she also offers virtual training classes that have brilliant results. Adél Dog Training is an exclusive stockist of Elite ProDog dog food.

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“Remember there are dogs that learn quickly, while others take a little longer to process things. And, just like humans, dogs also have off days. So, patience is a virtue and each lesson a bonding experience.”

Adél Dreyer is a dog lover, and passionate dog training instructor, who believes that every dog and its owner deserves the best life possible together. 

Adél’s dog training journey began when she couldn’t find a trainer for her first dog, a bull terrier named Kancho. She took it upon herself to learn how to properly train and care for him. It was then that she realised the importance, and the need, for someone to
give guidance with dog training for happy homes.

Adél’s success as a dog training instructor is because she understands that a happy well-behaved dog is the result of a knowledgeable, and confident, owner. Her training classes are full of fun and stay that way regardless of how long it takes participants to “get it”. 

Every new command is a baby step toward making it as easy as possible for dogs and humans to understand each other. Imagine yourself learning a new language, it is a process, and can sometimes take a little time before you can communicate properly.

Training Credentials 

  • 2013 - Search and Rescue Dog Training - Scent detection (e-Training for Dogs)
  • 2011 - Companion Animal Behaviour - Canine & Feline (Companion Animal Behaviour Institute)
  • 2011 - Obedience Instructor (South African Dog Training College and Kennels)
Basic Training Classes

Basic Training Classes

Adél Dog Training offers basic training classes where puppies and fully-grown dogs work with their owners to achieve obedience goals.

Classes - Basic Training

  • Basic Home Obedience
  • Canine Behaviour
  • Socialisation
  • Walking with a Loose Leash
  • Recall
  • Canine Communication
  • Clicker Training (on request only)

Behavioural Classes For Dogs

Behavioural Classes For Dogs

Adél Dog Training offers basic home obedience and socialisation training classes where puppies and fully-grown dogs work with their owners to achieve their goals.

Classes - Behavioural Target Issues

  • Excessive Barking
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Jumping
  • Over-Excitement
  • Toilet Training 
  • Impulse Control
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Car-Related Anxiety
  • Fearful Nipping
  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Escaping the Home

Specialised Training Classes

Specialized Training Classes

 Adél Dog Training offers specialised dog training classes aimed at both dogs and handlers.

Classes - Specialised Training

  • Basic Home Obedience
  • Tracking
  • Behaviour Issues

Virtual Training

Virtual Training

Adél Dog Training offers virtual dog training sessions for clients with dogs that don’t pass their assessment test. Virtual training is also an option if joining the class is not possible. 

How it Works

Before each virtual training class begins, Adél does a theoretical chat session about what to expect in the upcoming lesson with easy-to-follow instructions. A virtual training class follows the brief. 

The client can have someone play videographer with their mobile device, or they can place it at a suitable vantage point so Adél can engage with you throughout the class. Homework is given to practise until its time for the following class.

Pre-Class Assessments

Pre-Class Assessments

Adél Dog Training does pre-class assessments before the training journey commences.

These assessments are done at the client's home or in a virtual session. They include various checks to see if your dog qualifies for group training.

If your dog doesn’t qualify, an online training option is available.

Dog Food

Dog Food

Adél Dog Training is an exclusive stockist for the Elite ProDog FeedPro dog food range.

The FeedPro range consists of three scientifically formulated dog food formulas, all complete and balanced to meet your dog's nutritional needs. 



“We enjoyed the classes at Adél Dog Training. We learned so much about training our furry friend. It was also a great way to teach him how to socialise with other dogs.  Adél’s approach is hands-on and effective, with a dash of humour. Highly recommended!”  Elzali Jacobs
“Adél Dog Training is awesome! The classes are fun and informative, with each week building on the last. We have two very different puppies, and Adél teaches us how to deal with their personalities. She is always on hand to help, and there isn't a single issue we have had with the puppies where she hasn't been able to advise us. Would recommend her!”  Louise Weyers
“Dit was great toe ons agt weke oue golden retriever, Gert, by Adél Dog Training kon aansluit. Adél het vir Gert en ons so baie geleer. Na 'n jaar is Gert nogsteeds pligsgetrou aan al sy "commands". Die training is' n fees met heerlike mense en die vierpootkinders leer van kleins af om saam met ander honde te speel, en geniet mekaar so baie wanneer klas verby is. Sal haar defintief aanbeveel”  Alicia Groenewald
“Die dag toe ons besluit om ons 2de German shorthair pointer te kry was ons eerste besluit om hom te laat oplei. Die tweede besluit was om Adél Dog Training te gebruik. Sy weet beslis hoe om jou hond wat jy het te benader en wat jou tipe hond se behoeftes is. Haar vriendelikheid en geen-moeite "attitude" het die klasse lekker uitdagend gemaak en elke uitdaging was eintlik maklik, omdat sy dit op 'n unieke "fun" manier doen. Adél  is hoogs aan te beveel om jou hond by jou huishouding te laat inskakel.”  Teresa Snyders



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