Whale Watching at The Southernmost Tip of Africa

Whale Watching at The Southernmost Tip of Africa

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The whales are here, but as you come to discover Cape Agulhas you could very likely miss them. There is an art to whale watching or at least getting the most out of an outing to the Southernmost Tip to do some whale spotting. This is because whales are not exactly very lively or easy to spot from the shore, despite their size. 
A quick stop by the side of the road, whilst keeping the engine running to scan the horizon, will only reveal the presence of a whale if you are lucky.

Whale watching is all about patience, relaxing, connecting and spending time with these magnificent mammals. It is all about the experience of standing so close to the whales and being present in the moment. And this is the best way to capture the moment, as unless you have some fancy photographic lenses or are on the water with a boat charter, a photo of a whale logging taken from shore is not as amazing as recording it physically with your own senses.

So pack a picnic head and off to Struisbaai, a little fishing village next to Cape Agulhas.  Struisbaai has a lovely beach-front boardwalk, scattered with benches, where you can settle and stare out to sea, waiting for the whales.

The whales enjoy the calm shallow waters in the bay and can be spotted very close to shore.  If you spot one whale, logging usually, then you can be certain there are many more in the waters close by. Plan to linger longer with the whales and you are more likely to have your patience rewarded and the serene peacefulness broken by the sight of a whale rising out of the water in full breach.

Parking and access to the boardwalk is available either from the harbour or close to the campsite.

Whale Watching at The Southernmost Tip of Africa

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