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Kapula Candles in Bredasdorp is a well-known manufacturer of handcrafted and individually painted candles and ceramics. From customised candle designs made by a passionate team using quality wax and fragrances, Kapula Candles is a household name. A selected range of Kapula ceramics, home décor, art, purses, jewellery, fragrance accessories and gifts for the whole family are on sale in the spacious showroom. A range of sustainable firelighters made from recycled materials is also available. Striving to empower the community, Kapula Candles has a gallery called Die Korf, where local artists and designers showcase their handmade collections, and visitors can enjoy coffee and cool drinks. Kapula Candles welcomes sales partners and provides custom-created ranges of candles and ceramics for retail outlets. Pre-booked tours of the Kapula Candle Factory are perfect for groups, families and those interested in learning more about candlemaking.

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Kapula Candles started as a hobby in Ilse Appelgryn’s kitchen in 1993. What began as making "a couple-a-candles" quickly grew into a family business and had become a thriving enterprise by 1994.

Kapula has been exporting its handmade candles and ceramics to Germany, Australia, the United States of America and countries in the East since 2009.

Ilse’s daughter Anke Nesbitt, and her husband Darren, have run the business since 2011. Anke’s sister, Inge Appelgryn, is a silent partner.

Creating Sustainable Employment

In a small farming community where it is not easy to find a job, the team at Kapula Candles remains fiercely loyal to its handmade processes to ensure sustainable employment for as many people as possible. 

More than 90% of the employees are women, half of whom have been part of the team since the start.

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Kapula Candles are instantly recognisable, each reflecting Africa's vibrant spirit. 

Created in the Bredasdorp factory, Ilse, Anke and a team of artists, hand-paint each candle. This personal approach guarantees a variety of trends and instils a sense of ownership in all team members. 

Candles - Product List
  • Hand-printed
  • Frost-painted
  • Plain Frosted 
  • Frost Figurine 
  • Premium Fragrance 
  • Firelighters (made using recycled wax)
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Kapula Candles manufactures ceramic ranges, with a fantastic selection available in the showroom.

Stock List
  • Candle Holders
  • Dinner Plates
  • Soup Bowls
  • Side Plates
  • Cake Plates
  • Serving Dishes
  • Platters
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Tea Sets 
  • Tea Pots
  • Teabag Holders
  • Spoon Holders
  • Cups & Saucers
  • Cookie Jars
  • Glasses
  • Storage Jars

Each piece is an artwork that incorporates colours and subject matter unique to South Africa.

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Lifestyle Products

Lifestyle Products

Kapula Candles sells a range of lifestyle products and its spacious showroom.

  • Home Décor
  • Hand-painted Scatter Cushions
  • Art
  • Wind Chimes
  • Handmade Purses
  • Jewellery
  • Keyrings
  • Fragrance Accessories
  • Gifts (for the whole family)
Recycled Firelighters

Recycled Firelighters

Kapula Candles produces sustainable firelighters made entirely from reclaimed materials including waste wax and wick off-cuts from the candle-making process, sawdust from local cabinetmakers, and wood chips from a nearby sawmill.

Each firelighter burns for approximately 15 minutes, producing flames at least three times larger than typical firelighters. They burn cleanly with minimal black smoke and paraffin smell.

Packaged in a resealable brown paper bag, and branded using ink stamps, the instruction leaflet inside each pack is printed on recycled newsprint using the Southern Post’s vintage Heidelberg press.

The firelighters are perfect for merchandising and can be added to gift hampers or used as stocking fillers.

Community Gallery

Community Gallery

Kapula Candles has a community gallery called Die Korf where local artists and designers showcase their handmade collections.

  • Art
  • Jackets
  • Beadwork
  • Bracelets
  • Keyrings
  • Necklaces
  • Soap
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Are you interested in becoming a Kapula Candles sales partner? 

A wide selection of handmade candles is available, and customised orders can be arranged according to client needs. 

Sale Partners - Portfolio

Kapula Candles supplies local and international clients that include but are not limited to:

  • Woolworths
  • Poetry
  • Thumbprint Artifacts
  • Contigo Fairtrade Shop

If you are a wholesaler or retailer interested in ordering products, contact Kapula Candles via email for more information. 

Factory Tours

Factory Tours

The Kapula Candles factory, where all the magic happens, is open to the public with prior arrangements. 

Factory tours are perfect for the whole family, groups and those candle lovers interested in learning more about the craft of candle making.



“Kapula Candles is an incredible community project. They have fascinating stock. Certainly a must-visit destination in Bredasdorp!”  Lilias Foster
“It is an amazing experience to walk through the showroom at Kapula Candles. There are beautiful things and they are reasonably priced. I bought stunning coffee mugs. There’s something different and unique.”  Anine Oliphant
“If you are in Bredasdorp, do yourself a favour and stop at Kapula Candles. You will be surprised that it is much more than candles. Here you will find a vast array of cups, mugs, plates and all with hand-painted, stunning motives. You see some of it displayed at duty-free at Oliver Tambo Airport. If you have a guest house, kit yourself out with extraordinary crockery. Amazing to say the least.”  Manie Conradie
“Kapula Candles is a must-see when you are in Bredasdorp. It is situated in the industrial area of town, ask if you don't know. The candles are special and unique and not to be missed. Great gifts! Friendly staff and great service. Your purchase will help the local community!”  Ben Van der Linde



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