Therapy, Coaching and Mediation by Eddie Blight

“Performance Is Best Achieved Through Alignment.” Eddie Blight

Therapy, Coaching and Mediation by Eddie Blight who is based in Bredasdorp, offers his comprehensive services as both a therapist and life coach. As a highly qualified Logotherapist, Eddie helps clients deal with their specific meaning in life. Therapy, Coaching and Mediation by Eddie Blight will assist you with various forms of suffering such as stress, loss, grief, psychological pain, anxiety and panic based-disorders. For your convenience, Eddie also offers ‘Telephone Therapy’ which are convenient consultations and coaching sessions via Skype and WhatsApp.

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“To reach out for therapy is always an uneasy experience but know this that you are simply expecting more from life!” Eddie Blight

Eddie Blight is highly qualified in therapy, coaching, meditation and general business. His qualifications and accreditations include: 

  • Logotherapy Meaning Centred Living, Counselling and Psychotherapy: Advanced (UNISA - Centre for Applied Psychology) 
  • Master Coaching Graduate with an MPhil (University of Stellenbosch)
  • Accredited with the European Foundation for Management Development (EQUIS) 
  • Accredited with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)
  • National Certificate course in Advanced Mediation (African College)
General Business
  • Honours Degree - General Management 
  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree - Transport Economics
  • Senior Leadership Development Programme qualification (Gordon Institute of Business Science - University of Pretoria) 
  • Credit Diploma under the auspices of the South African Institute of Bankers



Eddie Blight is about being proactive and reaching out for assistance when you expect the most from life. 

What to expect:

Eddie engages with you in discussion while assisting you in unlocking your ability to overcome your obstacles. This helps you acknowledge your own responsibility in having a better quality of life. 

Management / Business / Personal Coaching

Management / Business / Personal Coaching

Eddie Blight offers management, business and personal coaching that: 

  • Allows the client and the coach to build a working relationship to determine meaningful goals and objectives
  • Assists the client in developing additional ‘strong-points’
  • Improves the client's performance in a meaningful manner by aligning them with their organisational strategy

 Please note, other than one-on-one sessions, Eddie is available for larger seminars where a company requires a few people to be coached together. For more information and to arrange for your personalised consultation, contact Eddie Blight directly.

Group Alignment Coaching

Group Alignment Coaching

Eddie Blight offers group alignment coaching goals are to:

  • Increase understanding amongst team members
  • Share meaning within the group
  • Align different perspectives, views and opinions within the group
Meaning Centred Interventions

Meaning Centred Interventions

Eddie Blight offers meaning centred interventions that include:

Coaching for Accountability Workshops

  • Allows clients to find the solutions for pre-determined problems, issues and obstacles.

Intellectual Team Building

  • Allows teams to understand team dynamics and to effectively work as a unit.

Meaning Centred Motivational Presentations

  • Allows people to find meaning and purpose within their place of work.

Alignment of Processes and Risk Management with Organisational Strategy

  • Allows employees the opportunity to provide input towards finding workable solutions.


Eddie Blight uses mediation to help people deal with conflict resolutions in the business environment, community and family dynamics. 

By using mediation the impartial mediator creates an environment where disputes and differences are dealt with in a constructive manner. It includes group and individual discussions, allowing everybody to voice their opinions. During this structured process, solutions are found for what was previously thought to be irreconcilable differences. This is achieved because the different parties obtain an insight into the opinions and needs of each other.

Online Consultations

Online Consultations


Eddie Blight offers practical consultation solutions for sessions, regardless of distance. 

Clients who are unable to personally attend sessions can opt for what Eddie refers to as ‘Telephone Therapy’ via Skype and WhatsApp (whichever is most convenient).

For more information and to arrange your online consultation, contact Eddie Blight directly.



“The coaching sessions made me realise that I take on too much responsibility and do not consider myself. The effect of this is that I was not getting my job done because I did not trust the people on the factory floor. During the group-coaching, I realised that people wanted to be responsible and I was not allowing them to be accountable. This has changed my view about how I should manage the plant because it reduces my own stress levels and I can now focus on the things that I have to do to make the factory more effective.” P Dlamini, Production Manager
“Coaching made me aware of my own issues. It is like all the answers and knowledge I have always had inside me are let out. Sometimes I rushed myself and during our coaching sessions, and Eddie gave me time to find myself and my own answers. Eddie helped me to put it into perspective and I always felt deeply understood.” V. Stiff, Artist
“What I found was that in the past I was really just concerned about myself. I thought that I was alone and I did not really mix with the rest of the team but only with a select group of people. Throughout this process of coaching, I have come to realise that there are other people who have their own problems, their own needs and their own concerns and we must respect one another. I did not believe that the project or the coaching would work, except for the company. I have changed my mind because I realise now that I was judgemental towards my fellow employees. Suddenly, after we went through the coaching it changed my views and opinions about the project because I now no longer stand alone in my beliefs.” John A, Machine Operator
“Eddie should continue this coaching. He will still help many people. For me, the coaching opened the path into my future.” M.Manunye, Production Supervisor
“I first met and worked with Eddie when he was managing communications for a division of FirstRand Bank. His insight, his ability to manage people and projects and his great humanity made him an exceptional communicator and an exceptional man. Recently, faced with significant professional challenges, I sat down with Eddie for some much-needed coaching. With his help, I was able to significantly shift my own thinking and start working towards the discovery of solutions to what I thought were insoluble problems. Personally and professionally I don’t think I know a better, more passionate and more hard-working man. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking help personally or professionally.” PRowlston, Writer



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