DEFENDoor Clear View Electric Fences

DEFENDoor Clear View Electric Fences

DEFENDoor Overberg

What are Anti-Climb Security Fences?

Anti-climb security fences are designed in such a way that the aperture sizes are too small to be able to use them to gain a foothold. This makes it almost impossible for a person to climb over.

What are the Benefits of Installing a DEFENDoor Clear View Fence?

Some benefits of anti-climb fences include:

  • Longevity - The wire is Zincalu®-coated, resistance-welded and plastic-coated with maximum adhesion to guarantee an extra-long lifespan
  • Anti-climb fences are popular worldwide
  • Durability - Rigidity is excellent by virtue of welded mesh panels with rectangular apertures and horizontal reinforcements
  • Efficiency - precision-made components offer a quality system that can be installed with maximum efficiency
  • DEFENDoor Clear View Fences add value to your property
  • DEFENDoor Clear View Fences enhance the appearance of your premises
  • The insurance industry encourages the installation of anti-climb security fences
  • DEFENDoor Clear View Fences provide a powerful physical crime barrier
  • Versatile - DEFENDoor Clear View Fences can be adapted to fit a wide variety of applications and can include innovative swing and sliding gates
  • Visibility - the panels have excellent visibility characteristics and from a distance appear almost invisible, offering unobstructed camera surveillance possibilities
  • Three levels of security fencing products available for entry-level installations up to high-security installations

If you would like to know more about our ClearView security fences, please do not hesitate to contact DEFENDoor Overberg today!

DEFENDoor Clear View Electric Fences

DEFENDoor Overberg

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