Diving Into Spirituality – Discovering Yourself By Going Within

Sun, 30/05/2021, 00H00 - 00H00

An intimate retreat, hosted by Amber Moon Well Being.

“No matter what the question the answer is always love” – Guru G

“We are the creators of our own destiny – change starts with us. Vibrate LOVE – We are that powerful!” – Michele

Join Michele and Guru G of Amber Moon Well Being on a journey into spirituality.

As this is an intimate retreat, spaces are limited. Register now!

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The Retreat Includes

The Retreat Includes:

  • X3 Daily – Guided meditations 
  • Introduction – What is Spirituality 
  • Discovering yourself by going within 
  • Diving into Spirituality 
  • 3 Nourishing vegetarian meals a day 
  • Walking trails through rare fynbos and ancient milkwood forests
  • Drumming workshop with our special guest Bevil around the fire in a Tent – drums provided to all attending if you don’t have your own
  • Early morning star gazing 
  • Bliss dance
  • Walking the Labyrinth with the intention to release what no longer serves you
  • Each guest will receive a wellness/ spiritual shower/bath pack on arrival which they can take home and use while they at the Retreat.

As this is an intimate retreat, spaces are limited. Click here to register now!




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Guru G

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