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Blog: Whale Watching - 17 November 2016

Published: 18 November 2016
By:Anwynn Louw

We went out on two whale watching trips today and what an unbelievable day we had!

On both our tours today we had Southern Right whales in the Pearly Beach area. The whales we saw were Mother and calf pairs. During both excursions we had a very curious calf, but the second tour of the day was incredibly lucky as we not only saw the calf come very close to the boat, we also saw it do a lot of breaches, some of them very close. We also saw some lobtailing, the mother whale breaching in the distance and one spy-hopping. It really was an incredible trip and was the most active calf we have seen all season. Passengers on this trip also got to briefly see a Humpback whale and two Bronze Whaler sharks.

Guests on the first tour also got to see one of our very rare Indian Ocean Humpback dolphins and Great White sharks.

Even though our season is coming near the end, you just never know what you are going to see on the water, and today was just one of those incredibly amazing days.

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