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Blog: Marine Big 5: Cape Fur Seals

Published: 16 January 2017
By:Anwynn Louw

Cape Fur Seals are mammals, like us, which means they give live birth and feed their young with milk. They eat mostly boney fish, but do also eat squid, octopus, or crayfish if they find it. Female seals and their young are present year round and an adult female seal can weight around 80kgs. Fully grown male seals, or “bulls” can weight upwards of 300kgs, so you can definitely see the difference in their size!

Bull seals are only present during the breeding season from November/December of every year. This is when male seals set up “harems” or territories of females to mate with. A female will raise one pup per year, and it is estimated that Geyser Rock can produce 10-12,000 seals pups per year (but not all survive their first year). Cape fur seals are famously the main prey for great white sharks.

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