Earth School: Natural, Grounded Presence

With Glenn Leisching And Emmanuel Vermeulen

Finding my inner centre. Grounded into being. Remembering and renewal.
How do I get to know my body’s intelligence? How does it feel when I’m grounded and centered? What does naturalness look like to me? How to transform unconscious habits into flexible, spontaneous patterns?

During this retreat we have the opportunity to work with our skilful and grounded identity in the world. We celebrate our diversity, our unique identity, and our capacity to give and receive in abundance. Life is occurring before we arrive, is altered by our presence, and naturally fills the void of our departure.

As a unique being with a purpose and path, how do we enter the many realms of our daily life with the presence of abundant, creative life force? Who are we? What precious gift do you alone carry at this momentous time of change? You will learn how to connect to your center and lay the ground work for transformation from the infinite source of pure potential. Every day has sessions around these themes. We end the week with a grounding Earth Ceremony.

The Natural, Grounded Presence Retreat is created for you in the magical valley of Bodhi Khaya. A rare opportunity to re-orient and re-find your inspiration. What or who may begin to re-emerge when feeling safely immersed in a natural biome of intact intelligence, and energetically cleansed by ancient trees and flowers, sweet mountain water, and highly oxygenated air?

Book now! Space is limited and this retreat is expected to fill up fast.

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Business Information

The Program includes

The Program includes:

- Guidance in meditation, mindfulness and indigenous wisdom teachings

  • A significantly accessible way of working with grounding, centering, body presence & home
  • Comfortable Lodging
  • 3 Nourishing vegetarian meals a day
  • 5 Trees for you to plant
  • Walking trails through rare fynbos and ancient milkwood forests
  • Guided yoga sessions
  • Daily meditation and instruction
  • Fresh water swimming in our mountain ponds
  • Healing ceremonies

… and so much more, or less, as you prefer


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