Ecstatic Intuitive Dance: 3 Day Retreat with Andrew Barnes

Bursting into Bliss

Mon, 20/02/2023, 18H00 - Thu, 23/02/2023, 13H00

Come join us! Shake off the shackles that have bound you to a limited sense and expression of yourself. Discover the dynamic creative power within your sacred, sexy, boundless being.

Starts at R8550 per person.


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Do you want to discover how to do Intuitive Dance and connect with your ecstasy? Are you ready to meet your evolutionary edge and transform what’s been holding you back from birthing your deepest inspirations into form?
Be held in an Ecstatic Intuitive Dance container to purify stagnant energy that’s been blocking the free flow of your creative life force energy. Embody breath, sound and movement practices that will cultivate ecstatic energy flow in your body/mind and support you to open energy pathways and expand higher consciousness. Move beyond the confines of your egoic self and tap into your higher evolutionary creative potential.
Be supported to experience your relationships, love, creativity, vocation and sexuality in new and inspirational ways.
Evolution is created through raising vibration and increasing vitality. The essential ingredients are breath practices, joyousness, dance, play, togetherness, authenticity, nutrition, ceremony, sensuality, sexuality, living in the now, music, and exploring wisdom pragmatically.
By reconnecting to our felt senses through dance, we experience greater intuition and flow in our day-to-day experiences, as well as greater depth in our sensuality, sexuality and relationships. You have an opportunity for the direct experience of transforming your relationships and capacity for bliss states in the entire body. This becomes a gateway to discover what you want in life.
This will be a fun dance experience for anyone that wants to expand in their life or for practitioners in the health and well-being fields wanting to gain new skills.

What Is Ecstatic Intuitive Dance?

Music, dance, breath, ecstasy and spirituality are intimately bound. Moving intuitively can create altered states of consciousness and contribute to our wellbeing.
Ecstatic Intuitive Dance lets go of needing a particular style of movement or choreography. Rather, it becomes a spontaneous dynamic meditation making it possible to unlock your body’s intuitive desire to express itself uniquely and creatively. Magic happens with dynamic meditation, and often people discover ways of being that they didn’t know existed.

Intuition can be described as being guided by what emanates from the body without needing conscious reasoning. Everyone has this intuitive nature—an inner knowing—not only in life but within movement. During this event, you’ll learn how to connect with and express this deeper sense of knowing.

Our magical human body holds epigenetic memories of over 10,000 years of spiritual and transcendent dance experience. These transpersonal states can emerge during Ecstatic Intuitive Dance to form the underlying structure for wonder-filled self-expression coming through as a celebration of your personal dance.

During the event you'll have the opportunity to explore:

  • Ecstatic intuitive dance

  • Heartbeat dance

  • Blindfold dance

  • Sensual dance

  • Cacao orgastic breath dance meditation

  • Tantric breathwork sessions to release emotional and physical tension and raise vibration

  • Re-patterning your nervous system to build your capacity for greater pleasure

  • Liberating your capacity to experience bliss states throughout all body cells

  • Learning keys to cultivate your intuition and inner life force


  • Cloister Rooms @ R8 550 pp*

Single with shared bathroom

  • Courtyard Rooms @ R8 850 pp sharing*

Twin with en-suite bathroom**

  • Garden Rooms @ R9450 pp sharing*

Double with en-suite bathroom**

Please inquire for single rates – limited single rooms available

Booking and inquiries: / 0836791297

Cancellation Policy:
  • Cancellation up to and inc. 30 November 2022: Full refund (less 5% admin/banking fees)
  • Cancellation up to and inc. 19 January 2023: 50% refund
  • Should you cancel after 19 January 2023: no refund will be due to you and you will forfeit any deposit/ payment made
Meet Your Facilitator

Meet Your Facilitator: Andrew Barnes


Drawing from his wide-ranging experiences, Andrew brings a distinctive presence, clarity, and approach to a broad range of topics including: sexuality, pleasure, relationships, love, communication, behavioural patterns, consent, power dynamics, accountability, vocation, and health. He generously shares his insights with sensitivity, warmth, irreverence & humour.

Andrew has a Master of Health Science (Sexual Health) from the University of Sydney and five diplomas in different styles of bodywork and energy healing. Since 1997 Andrew has facilitated sexuality courses & retreats, tantric bodywork & de-armouring, dance events – inc BlissDance, contact improv & intuitive dance – and coaching sessions in 49 countries. He is the author of the Relationship Guidebook and co-author of Heart of the Flower – the book of yonis.


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