Honeymoon lodges in Gansbaai

Planning a wedding is intense and exhausting! A honeymoon is the designated time to relax and relish each other before going back to life. It can be defined as the sweetest part of marriage, which is why it has to be no less than perfect. The honeymoon lodges in Gansbaai offer an unforgettable experience that will have you falling in love all over again! 

There are certain key ingredients that can make your honeymoon a perfect 10. The first is to choose a beautiful destination. It is absolutely essential that you have the time to hold your loved one whilst gazing over an awe-inspiring view. This surreal feeling can be attained in Gansbaai as the area boasts an unbelievable landscape. The magnificent Overberg Mountains have unique contours that are complemented by the rolling hills rich in fynbos.Then there is the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean with waves that crash on rolling white sand dunes. This sight is incredible when the sunsets as the crisp air and panoramic view elicits rich colours that paint the sky a passionate red hue. An experience best appreciated with a loved one in your arms accompanied by a glass of Champagne.

Privacy is a crucial element as newlyweds take this holiday to get completely lost in one another. The lodges around Gansbaai offer this privacy as they are either embedded amongst the bountiful fynbos nestled in an ancient forest or tucked away in a coastal corner. The different locations also offer different styles, the choice of a chic stay or a cosier one is up to you. All suites ensure supreme comfort as you look onto a spectacular view from a cushy bed. Depending on the suite you choose, you and your loved one can relish a spa bath, outside shower or even a personal swimming pool. It is just a matter of finding what is going to be the cherry on top for your honeymoon holiday.

Lavish dining is high on the list for honeymooners as you trade burgers and chips for gourmet meals. The gastronomic delights elicit a heightened sense of enjoyment and this can all be done in unique settings that will make for an original culinary experience. Sitting on a deck with sun downers as the sky is painted amazing colours is one way to start an epicurean sensation. There is the option to enjoy a decadent picnic on one of the many secluded beaches, and during whale season this can be thoroughly enjoyed with the view of 50 ton whales playing right in front of you. It is also possible to sit in the midst of the ancient forest with lanterns and fairy lights that create an intimate ambience. 

After spending so much of your energy organising your wedding the last thing you want to do is organise every last detail of your honeymoon! The best route is to book at a lodge that is all-inclusive. This alleviates any stress and doubts about additional expenses. The Gansbaai honeymoon lodges make sure the room has a romantic turndown and the experience includes 5-star accommodation, breakfast, a light lunch and a 5-course gourmet meal.  A number of the lodges include land-based activities such as beach picnic, flower safari, hikes, horse riding, land based whale watching, an archaeological cave exploration and bird spotting.

The tranquillity and exclusivity of Gansbaai combined with a genuine, attentive, heart-warming hospitality is where all your dreams of romance can be met. Without a worry in the world you can completely lose yourself to your loved one as you embark on your new adventure together.

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