Fishing line a wildlife hazard

Fishing line a wildlife hazard

Pearly Beach Conservancy

Extra fishing line bins provided by Dyer Island Conservation Trust have been placed at strategic points along the local shoreline, and Pearly Beach being a popular fishing spot has received its fair share.

Each non- permanent bin is there not only for fishermen to place their discarded line in, but also for general beach-goers to collect any potentially lethal fishing line found while walking the coast. These bins are serviced every month by the Environmental Department of the Municipality, and all fishing line is then weighed and a data base is being compiled which records the weight of line collected from each coastal area. A lot of work, effort and money is going into this initiative in order to prevent a terrible suffering to a wide variety of animals caught in this unintentional man-made trap.

Therefore please do your part and support this worthy effort and be on the look out for fishing line and dispose of it in these bins.

Big thanks to Dyer island Conservation              
 – Jason Stonehewer  

Fishing line a wildlife hazard

Jason Stonehewer

We see Pearly Beach as a CONSERVATION COMMUNITY reinforced by a CONSERVANCY to which every property owner is invited to belong.

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