Fynbos Garden in Pearly Beach

The establishment of a Fynbos Garden in Pearly Beach has long been the dream of the members of the Conservancy.  When the Village Green was established in 2011 and the Herbarium relocated to its new home, the Committee decided that the remaining veld was the ideal position for the garden.  Under the guidance of Mrs Heilie Mostert and the help of Numsi and her group of Coastal Workers, the paths were laid out and a start was made to collect and plant locally indigenous fynbos.  At present there are over 400 indigenous shrubs and 40 trees in the neatly laid out garden.  The main aim of the garden is to protect and preserve local fynbos from extinction as our village expands and plots are cleared.

The Herbarium work is done by Heilie.  This involves the collecting, identification and preserving of plants found in our area.  Volunteer “pickers” and “cleaners” take care of the display area and put in fresh specimens on a weekly basis.  The Coastal Workers help with the maintenance of the garden.  There are also benches for visitors to enjoy the peace and tranquillity in the garden. To help bird watchers identify their feathered friends plinths with bird posters have been placed along the paths.

We encourage local residents and visitors to visit the garden.  All plants have names for easy identification.  This enables you to know what can be grown here under our coastal conditions.  If you are interested in the conservation of our fynbos, please join the Pearly Beach Conservancy, we welcome any new volunteer pickers or cleaners!