Who else wants to spend their retirement at the Sea?

For the average Tom, Dick and Harry there are many places to stay in South Africa.  As life goes however, it isn’t always possible for the most of us to pick and choose where we establish ourselves. Much of the reasons behind it are led by circumstances which we cannot control.

But in the end everybody wants a little cottage by the sea (“huisie by die see”). So when it finally becomes financially viable and/or when it is time to retire, everyone agrees: down to the sea-side!

But why?  The wind is always blowing. It rains a lot. So why would people tend to stay along the coast.  There must be something there that draws the average spirit… Could it be something magical?

The sheer beauty and tranquillity of the coast can be described as magical. The open space and unhindered panoramic views when looking out over the ocean.  The fresh and unpolluted air coming from the South Pole.  The endless fields of fynbos and the whisper of the swaying tides lulling you to sleep. The everyday sight of whales playing in the shallows and endless stretches of golden beaches. All in all, it is the absence of the hustle and bustle of the city that is so alluring to everyone.

So, who else wants to spend their retirement by the sea?  The answer is everybody.  There is no better place!