Gansbaai Stories - Guardians of a Piece

The early years of perlemoen smuggling were a bit chaotic and it took a while to adopt its later, iore settled pattern, that is estmated to have sent a billion rand through Gansbaai the past ten years. The local police force apprcahed their task of apprehending the perpetrators with which one could call mixed feelings - the required strategy had not yet gelled and local loyalties tended to get in the of successful prosecutions. 

When the enforcement process started getting bogged down and the authorities at their wits' end, a radical decision was taken to circumvent the problem by "importing" a special task force from  up-country. The special task force was recruited, trained and housed in a special "village" out of town, graciously donated by a local land-owner. The people of Gansbaai viewed this development with interest and a certain amount of scepticism, especially when the new law enforcers resigned from the Force after three months to buy brand-new bakkies and ski boats and surrounded their village with high-tension electric fencing...

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