What is Hosting?

What is Hosting?

IDS Hosting and Website Design

What is Hosting?

This question is asked 13.6 millions times on Google globally (Aug 2011), and 60 500 times in South Africa PER MONTH.Hosting by IDS Hosting

So it makes sense to answer it .

This term can be used in a few disciplines, Internet have adopted it as well. Its in the IT world that we will discuss HOSTING briefly.

As a HOSTING company its very important to our clients that this term is well understood.

There are three aspects to HOSTING.

  • Domain
  • Website
  • Website space

A good comparison would be of a house, with an address and a stand to build the house on:

  • The Domain is the address of the website or the houses address we are drawing a parallel with, sometimes called the URL (Universal Resource Locator)
  • The Website is similar to the house
  • and the HOSTING is the space for the website to be built on, or in the house scenario, the hosting will be the stand or piece of ground the house is built on.

So when you hear someone saying you need hosting for your website, its saying you need a piece of internet space to install and operate your website on.

There are so many types of hosting packages and types of servers (the computer used to host your website) and that will not be covered in this blog.

Should you require hosting for a website, or a blog (web log), or just to have your own email personalised email address our products are extremely reasonable.

IDS Hosting & WebDesign.

What is Hosting?


IDS Online is a business communications company that includes: Website Hosting, Website Design & Development, Bulk SMS/texting, Business Bulk Mailing, server/data/desktop backups & Fax to Email in there portfolio of products on offer.

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