Stretch your whole body & quieten your mind using a sequence of stretches, poses & movements, working your core, arms, legs, back & stamina! 🔥

Thursday morning class (9am) @ the Dirkie Uys Building (6 Dirkie Uys St).

Evening classes meet at 17:30, to begin stretching at 17:45 (to allow for late-comers from work) at the beautiful wedding venue @ Panorama, opposite Franskraal. 

Potential for more classes in town, if there are enough people to join at a time which suits a few of you.

A monthly fee of R250 (1 class per week) or R480 (2 classes per week will secure your place in the class. Spaces are limited as to allow for the teacher to connect with & assist each person in their individual practice. 

Private classes can be arranged in the convenience of your own home or on the beach! A unique routine will be designed each week for your body, targeting areas for weight-loss, toning muscle or strengthening weak spots.

Contact Danica on 083 379 4669 for more details :)

Downward facing dog - a great stretch for the arms, back & legs, creating a calm state
Cobra pose - arm strengthening & chest relieving, this pose becomes more enjoyable the more flexible you become (as with many poses)
The beautiful Harbour View Venue we practise at every Thursday morning @ 9:00. Alternate classes can be arranged with enough interest. So get some friends together, pick a time, and let's get moving! :)