Elim Wine Route - Gansbaai Weekly Inspiration

This week in Gansbaai we encourage you to discover and enjoy the fruits of nature, and what better way than doing some wine tasting. The weather this week includes a bit of chill in the morning and some wind, but not to worry, you can warm yourself with the nectar of the gods. Following the back roads through the Agulhas plains, you will explore the richness of this hidden area that will lead you to your destination, the Elim Wine Route.

Several superb wine estates await your eager taste buds and definitely won’t disappoint. The unique combination of moderate climates and fertile soils produce a wide variety of palatable red, white and rosé wines. These exquisite wines can be enjoyed with any meal and all-in-all will provide a most delectable day trip. All the different delicious wines are on sale and tours can be booked for the full experience.

Initially the Overberg area and especially closer to Agulhas was thought to be anything but ideal for the production of wine. The cool climes and rough winds blowing in from the sea, seemed to be a recipe for disaster but in the end served as the perfect mix for excellence. The farmers in the area honed their skills and achieved greatness that would please even Bacchus. An array of subtle fruit enlaced flavours and aromas will fill your senses while you admire the serene landscape surrounding the unique wine estates.

The Elim Wine Route supplies you with a taste of heaven while enjoying the tranquil ambience and beauty of the nature around you. The surrounding pastures with their endless fields of wild flowers and grazing cattle will renew your love for the great outdoors as well as inspire. Join us in basking in all the glorious tastes and sounds of nature, in the heart of the Overberg!