Gansbaai's Colorful History - Gansbaai Weekly Inspiration

By the looks of things, this week is going to be a cold one. And what better way to spend those cold evenings but wrapped up in your favourite blanket and a warm cup of tea/ coffee. So this week in Gansbaai is the perfect excuse to get comfortable and read up a bit about the History of our small fishing village.

Take some time to cosy up to your screen and delve into the rich history of Gansbaai and the surrounding areas. The start of most of these smaller towns is usually a delight, and Gansbaai’s rich and pre-historic past will not disappoint. Gansbaai’s coasts hold deep dark secrets, literally. From all the historic caves and their hidden secrets to the many a shipwreck that lay entombed in the depths. Our history goes back many years and you might just learn something new or scary.

What town history would be complete without a good ghost story or folk tale? The Overberg, being such an old settlement area, holds many a spooky story that the residents are just too happy to share in hushed tones. It might be a previous owner or a fair maiden lost at sea, but the ghost stories of the area hold just as much history as any archive.

So get comfortable in your favourite chair and keep the kettle boiling as you get sucked back into the day of our first settlers. You might just remember a story or two told to you as a child that you could pass on.