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The latest news in Gansbaai seems not to be the cause and happenings of the peaceful march that took place on Tuesday 23 April and saw a hundred strong crowd marching down Main Road but rather the proposed changing of Gansbaai’s name up on the mountain.

An early morning post on Facebook drew quite a lot of attention as community members were not happy about the proposed venture. The post includes a photo of the Gansbaai name on the mountain that has been photoshopped to read www.GANSBAAI.com with the caption “Not Cool”.

The post quickly received a lot of comments expressing the unhappiness and disagreement to the movement. Some even proclaiming that they will carry down the added rocks themselves and that it will undermine the history and meaning of Gansbaai. The conversation later also included the debate over the origins of Gansbaai’s name and how it came to be.

The initial proposal was made to the Mayor in a meeting about a National Marketing Campaign that could be launched by adding “.com” to Gansbaai on the mountain. The Mayor considered the idea but said that she would first put it to the community to get their opinion. We posted a report stating that because of the comments it is concluded that it is not a good idea and will not be pursued any further.