How to deal with Sales stress

It typically comes from feeling pressure from our sales manager or VP, maybe from a customer or prospect, sometimes it is the self imposed pressure or stress we feel when we believe we could be or should be doing better.

If the income is low and commissions even lower that certainly adds stress too. So how do we deal with that sales stress?  

1) First identify the source of the stress

2) Then communicate with anyone and everyone involved with the sales stress, even if it means talking to yourself, you will find people and situations aren't as critical as you may think

3) Isolate the areas that are causing the most stress and deal with those first, come up with an action plan and goal to alleviate the pressure for each one  

4) And finally, go make a sale or advance a sale, engage a prospect in a new opportunity.

Sales stress typically comes from not having enough sales or enough sales advancing through the pipeline. So if you want to eliminate sales stress, take Bryan Flanagan's advice and go sell somebody something, now.