Gansbaai Stories - Floored

Gansbaai Stories - Floored

Gansbaai Stories

 Floored: Some years ago a bearded friend ran into an old chappy in town, also bearded. They got talking, swopping tales. The oldster (long since deceased) spoke about his working life and how he once managed a dairy farm for someone "somewhere behind the mountain". 

"I looked after the cows, the wife worked in the house. The owner only popped in once in a while for a look-see.  Then one day he brough along a foreigner, some sort of prisoner-of-war from Europe somewhere, and gave him a job packing fertiliser in bags."

“ A few months after he arrived, I was standing at the dairy one day and saw the bugger sneaking into the house through the kitchen door. Did not trust him from the start and decided to walk over there to see what he was up to. I also picked up a nice stout stick, just in case."

 "What do I find? The foreigner and my wife on the kitchen floor..."

"What else I could I do? I gave him a whack on the head and asked my wife to explain herself. She said didn't want to be married any more and that she'd fallen for the foreigner. I said fine, but then you must leave."

"She turned to where the chap was lying after I hit him and said to me he had stopped breathing!"

"What to do? We couldn't carry him outside, because the workers would see and talk about it. My wife was shattered but then got a bright idea: the kitchen floor was made of nice big flagstones, and she suggested we lift a couple and bury the guy under the floor.  Which we did, we dug a shallow grave, dumped the guy in there, covered him up and relaid the flagstones."

 “People later asked us what had happened to him, but we just said he had received a letter from abroad and had gone hom. Shortly afterwards, the farm was sold, the wife and I separated and I moved to another farm."

 “Then I got a big fright - someone told me the dairy farm had been sold, the new owners were planning to knock down the house and build a new one on the foundations.  You can imagine what I felt, but months went by and nothing happened. I later heard the new owner's wife had liked that flagstone floor so much, she decided to keep it just as it was..."

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Gansbaai Stories - Floored

Gansbaai Stories

For those who have lived in or visited the quaint fisherman’s village of Gansbaai, it has secured itself a special place within our hearts. The friendly and welcoming residents makes you feel right at home and combined with the unspoiled nature, it truly is something special.

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