This is a man's world...

This is a man's world...

White Shark Safaris

When someone asked me how it is to be joining the shark industry again, I told them that it is all worth it!  I could tell how fulfilled I am every time I’m meeting a new client, how clients had their love confirmed for sharks, or even lost their fear.

The love for sharks (through  in a good dose of service) and the fact that White Shark Safaris is your marketing & booking one-stop shop for these majestic creatures – makes you rediscover your hidden love for these beautiful King of the Oceans!

The speed, agility and grace of these animals are simply breathtaking.  Its something that you can’t understand, until you’ve experienced it…until you’ve been getting up close and personal with this predator…until you’ve felt it…and eventually until that adrenaline is pumping through your veins…till you return for more and more and more…

Suddenly you get goose bumps, butterflies in the stomach…This whole experience marks your life forever! 

And then you start favourite little shark is without a doubt a feisty girl called “Nemo”.  She’s a true gem, a true survivor, keeps growing despite her bent dorsal fin…a perfect example of the true determination and dominance that is so closely linked with the great whites!

And then maybe, just maybe, there is something to learn in all of this for the human race as well…namely the dominance of female great whites above males.  This is truth! Yesterday, we had a total of 5 sharks around our suppliers’ boat.  It came to no surprise that 3 of these were females while the biggest one were colossal at 3,5 metres. 

And now I’ve got this song in my head from James Brown “This is a man's world, this is a man's world, but it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl…”

Thus, come and explore with White Shark Safaris...Get a new perspective on sharks… because I’m hooked! 


This is a man's world...


Come and join us on one of South Africa’s most popular adventures – great white shark cage diving and/or viewing! Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, ticking off another experience on your bucket-list or planning a special family outing, we aim to give you the most exciting day of your life w...

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