What I learned from freediving with Great White Sharks

Supreme Sharks offers the unique opportunity for clients to meet the free diving shark expert Andre Hartman on the trip or at the clubhouse.

Andre is one of South Africa’s few self-taught shark experts and is respected as such throughout the world. He was one of the first to take the ‘cage’ out of shark cage diving and his pioneering work with the Great White attracted numerous film crews to Kleinbaai, the Great White Capital of the World.

He has featured in many documentaries for Discovery, CNN and National Geographic to name but a few. Andre got the name shark whisperer when he accidentally discovered that touching the tip of it’s snout would cause a shark to lung up and back in a trance-like manner for a few seconds. 

After his 2nd stroke he struggles to walk but is getting stronger every day and dreams of going back into the water with these fierce creatures. He now shares his knowledge of the Great White and multitude of stories  with the crew and our passengers.

"I'm just mesmerized by how they move and what they do, and that fascinates me. They're like an airplane -- they fly in the water. Those wings flex with the weight of the body." Andre Hartman, African Voices, CNN 24 December 2014