Sun* Sea* Sand*

And now this morning the question came from one of our UK clients - will the boats be anchoring near Dyer Island this morning?

The answer:  No, never in the South African summer.  Very interesting fact is that our water (the Atlantic Ocean) is warmer during our winter (May - August/September) - nd sharks prefer that warmer waters of temperatures ranging between 15°C - 24°C.  During this time (winter) there is more around and they are also much more active.  However, during our summer months the sharks are moving closer inshore, into the shallow warmer waters. They are moving into an area called “Joubertsdam” -because in general our water is colder in our summer months.  And due to the coldness - the sharks are more likely to preserve their energy!

And now…maybe, just maybe you’ve get a better understanding of this magnificent animal!  It is in their nature - part of their natural behaviour - to be found in warmer coastal waters.  And sometimes - just behind the breaking of the waves!  Although, summer is our time for sun, sea and sand - we need to have a healthy respect for these animals in and out of the water.