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Be prepared for a magnificent view and some pleasant surprises when you visit Fynbos Coffee Shoppe. Located on the corner of Church Street and Harbour Road in Gansbaai, this sublime coffee shop serves hearty breakfasts, delicious home-cooked lunches and boasts a large cake display case showcasing decadent home-baked, sweet-treats. The inside seating area is set within Fynbos Homeware Shoppe where you can browse at leisure for top branded crockery, glassware and a large variety of quality interior decor items. There is a spacious outdoor seating area that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the colourful goings-on in the nearby Gansbaai harbour. Fynbos Coffee Shoppe is fully licensed and is available for function hire, seating a total of 60 people. Due to the close proximity of the homeware store, Fynbos Coffee Shoppe is unfortunately not suitable for children under the age of 10.

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Naideen Hickman’s philosophy is that everyone should experience the pleasure of savouring an aromatic cappuccino made with the finest coffee beans, or the sensation of indulging in a glass of exquisitely chilled white wine. With this thought in mind, Naideen strives to keep her prices pleasingly under the norm and welcomes all those who prefer a relaxed vibe in a unique setting. Whether you want to spend an hour quietly reading the morning paper or you and the hiking club want to enjoy a gathering out on the spacious deck, Fynbos Coffee Shop promises you a haven of tranquillity and a whole lot of fun.




Eggs on toast - R50.00

  • 2 Eggs scrambled and served with 2 slices of toast

Classic bacon and egg - R60.00

  • 2 Eggs and bacon on 2 slices of toast

Fynbos breakfast - R75.00

  • 2 Eggs, bacon, cheese griller, fried mushrooms, tomato, 2 slices of toast

Add a portion savoury mince - R20.00

PANCAKES - Served with a salad

  • Savoury mince - R65.00
  • Spinach and feta - R65.00
  • Chicken Mayonnaise - R65.00
  • Bobotie - R65.00

STEWS - Served with rice and veggies

  • Lamb curry - R110.00
  • Tomato bredie - R110.00
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SOUPS - Served with toasted mini buns

  • Pea soup - R60.00
  • Butternut Soup - R60.00


Chicken salad - R80.00

  • Strips of succulent chicken fillet on a bed of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell peppers and avocado. Served with a yoghurt and sweet chilli sauce dressing

Smoked salmon salad - R90.00

  • 80g Smoked salmon on a crisp garden salad with sour cream



  • Carrot cake - R35.00
  • Cheesecake - R39.00
  • Mozart cake - R40.00

All served with ice cream


  • Caramel, banana and ice cream - R40.00
  • Cinnamon and lemon - R15.00


  • Jam and cream - R30.00
  • Jam and cheese - R35.00
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We use Häzz coffee

A very special blend of pure Arabica beans

  • Coffee - R20.00
  • Cappuccino - R25.00
  • Decaffeinated - R25.00
  • Americano - R22.00
  • Cafe Latte - R26.00
  • Espresso single - R20.00
  • Espresso double - R22.00


  • Ceylon - R18.00
  • Rooibos - R18.00
  • Earl Grey - R20.00
  • Flavoured tea - R20.00
  • Rooibos chino - R28.00


  • Hot chocolate - R26.00
  • Milo - R26.00
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  • Soft drinks - 330ml (R18.00) - 200ml (R15.00)
  • Appletiser or Grapetiser - R26.00
  • Ice tea - R24.00
  • Mineral water - 500ml - R15.00
  • Fruit juice - R18.00
  • Floats - R32.00
  • Milkshakes - R30.00
  • Special milkshakes - R40.00


  • Castle, Black Label - R25.00
  • Amstel, Castle Light - R25.00
  • Windhoek Light - R25.00
  • Heineken - R25.00
  • Savannah Dry, Savannah Light - R25.00
  • Castle non-alcoholic - R25.00


  • Drostdyhof Extra Light - R20.00
  • Robertson Sauvignon Blanc - R20.00
  • Drostdyhof Claret - R24.00
  • Robertson Merlot - R24.00
  • Robertson Cabernet - R24.00
  • Robertson Shiraz - R24.00


We sell a wide selection of local Estate Wines in our shop. Please look in the wine section.


  • JC le Roux La Domaine - R160.00
  • JC le Roux La Fleurette - R160.00


  • Bottelary Semi-Sweet - R65.00
  • Cutters Cove Chenin Blanc - R90.00
  • Sauvignon Blanc - R80.00


  • Bottelary Smooth Red - R70.00
  • Bottelary Merlot - R70.00
  • BC Cabernet Sauvignon - R70.00
  • BC Ruby Cabernet Merlot - R70.00
  • Cutters Cove Shiraz Viognier - R90.00
Venue Hire

Venue Hire


Fynos Coffee Shoppe is perfect for relaxed functions such as birthday gatherings and small intimate weddings. Contact Naideen directly for more information.

Fynbos Homeware Shoppe

Fynbos Homeware Shoppe

No need to travel long distances to source quality home decor, crockery, cutlery, glass, linen, silk flowers, luxury toiletries and unique gifts. If names like Maxwell Williams and Carrol Boyes have your stamp of approval, then Fynbos Homeware Shoppe is going to open a whole new dimension to your home decorating experience in Gansbaai. Furthermore, Fynbos Homeware Shoppe offers a convenient service to restaurants and guesthouses by stocking all the necessary tableware, linen and toiletries used in the hospitality industry. Read more about Fynbos Homeware Shoppe here.



“My favourite plekkie..... lafenis vir die siel....heerlikste kos en n eienares wat uit haar pad gaan om te help. Julle is amazing!!” Dalicia Mostert, Suid-Afrika
“We had a lovely breakfast at Fynbos. The omelette was fantastic, the expresso very, very good and the service excellent. We would love to go there again.” Pieter R, South Africa
“We had a very nice breakfast in the garden with a view of the harbour. I even saw a whale breach. You can sit inside or outside and areas are lovely.” 557 dennisv, The Netherlands
“We had the Malay Lamb Curry and it was so tasty and super delicious. I would recommend it to everybody. I will go back there when visiting Gansbaai. Well done.” Elsa Minnaar, South Africa
“Value for money and nice atmosphere. Opposite the harbour with a beautiful view for miles.” Gavin Snyman, South Africa



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