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Published: 04 September 2014

Stanford SAPS is issuing a stern warning to members belonging to gangs and organized crime enterprises within the area. These gang members / enterprise members are known to us and have been monitored for a long period. These persons are continuously involved in ongoing crimes such as drug trafficking, dealing in stolen goods and abalone smuggling etc. They are repeat offenders who have records of cases reported against them , showing their involvement in criminal activities  Our aim is to prove their involvement in organized crime syndicates and gangs and to charge them under the POCA act (prevention of organized crime act).

This means that if found guilty their assets (moveable or unmovable) can be forfeited to the state. It also means that when it comes to sentencing, a maximum sentence can be expected in accordance with the act.

Our aim is to target the new and upcoming youth gang or entities that want to associate themselves with gangs and organized crime as the youth usually gets involved in criminal activities at a young age , hanging around with criminals that belong to gangs and organized crime syndicates or they are in some way associated with these criminals. At a young age they start learning these bad habits and before they know it they are sucked up in this crime syndicates.

This effort requires a whole community approach and any person that has information on any criminal activity concerning a member of any gang or entity can contact Sgt. R J Gouws on 028-341 0601.


SGT R J GOUWS, Communication: STANFORD

South African Police Service, P.O.Box 7, STANFORD. 7210

Facsimile number                             27 28 341 0245

Office                                                    27 28 341 0601

Email (internal)                                  STANFORD SAPS        
Email (external)

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