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Published: 25 September 2014
By:Sgt RJ Gouws

On Sunday at around 01:45 a house robbery occurred at a residence situated across the road from the Police station. The victim was sleeping when she noticed a man in her room. The suspect jumped on her and started to hit her with his fists. The victim tried to fight back resulting in the suspect assaulting her even worse. The victim was screa-ming for help. As it was dark the victim could not identify the suspect’s face. At that stage the suspect heard a vehicle stop outside the premises and fled with the victim’s keys worth R300-00.

Meanwhile Sgt Ndzambo was doing duties in the Community Service Centre at Stanford SAPS. She heard a woman scream in the vicinity of the Police Station. She immediately contacted the patrol vehicle to investigate.

The members, Const. Arizan and R/Const Damon responded to the call. They stopped the vehicle at the house situated at 9 Du Toitstreet , Stanford, across the road from the Police station. As they entered the premises they saw the suspect running away. They gave chase but the suspect managed to evade arrest by running through several premises. At that stage Const. Arizan noticed that the suspect had a sharp instrument in his hand and fired a warning shot. He then fled into the bushes near the river. The suspect then jumped into the river and swam across. The members went to the area across the river in search of the suspect but he could not be traced. The members however did not give up the search for the suspect. At around 04:20 while Const. Damon was still busy searching in the bushes, Const. Arizan now accompanied by Const. Sukwana was patrolling the R43. Close to Stanhope they noticed the suspect they chased earlier. When they stopped he tried to run away again but was apprehended this time. He was still soaking wet from his earlier swim and was found in possession of the keys that was taken. He was taken to the community service centre where unknowingly the victim was busy giving a statement. As he  was brought in she immediately recognized him as the family’s long time gardener Manie Robertson aged 38 residing at 5 Haggia street , Stanford. She also identified the keys found in his possession as her property.

The suspect has been charged with house robbery and has since given a full confession of the crime. He appeared in court on 2014-09-23.

The members that ensured the arrest of the suspect in this case are thanked for their hard work and dedication. They did not give up the search until the suspect was arrested. This only shows that the members of Stanford SAPS are fully dedicated to eradicating crime in the Stanford area.                                                                                                                                  


Communication: STANFORD SAPS

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