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Blog: World Oceans Day

Published: 04 June 2015
By:Pearly Beach Bewarea Conservancy

June 8 is a time to remember we are all connected to the oceans no matter where we live — inland or on the coast. The Government of Canada proposed the concept of World Ocean Day in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and the day has been celebrated internationally ever since. As of 2009, June 8 has been officially declared by the United Nations as "World Oceans Day." By exploring our links to the oceans, we learn how closely connected we are to the ocean, and how what we do in our backyard has a direct effect on the oceans, as water travels from our oceans to the atmosphere, to land, to rivers and back to our oceans again. Our water resources are very limited. The water now present on Earth is all there is. Protection of our oceans starts with protection of our rivers, and protection of our rivers starts with each of us.

The Government of Canada has compiled a list of ten things that you and your community can do to help protect our oceans and to make a difference:

1. Learn all you can. Read, surf the web and experience the ocean directly.

2. Conserve the water. Be careful when washing your car or watering your lawn.

3. Reduce household pollutants. Cut down and properly dispose of herbicides, pesticides and cleaning products.

4. Reduce waste. Dispose of trash properly. Where possible, recycle, reuse and compost.

5. Reduce automobile pollution. Use fuel efficient vehicles or carpool. Recycle motor oil and repair oil and air conditioning leaks.

6. Protect ocean wildlife. Don’t dispose of fishing lines, nets or plastic items in or near the water.

7. Be considerate of sea life habitats. Don’t bother sea birds, mammals and turtles or their nesting grounds. Support marine protected areas.

8. Get involved. Take part in a beach cleanup or other ocean-oriented activities.

9. Plan an Oceans Day event in your community.

10. Care! Pass on your knowledge!

Here in Pearly Beach we can start by using the fishing line recycling bins that have been put up all along our coast and to start a beach cleanup all on your own – pick up all litter and plastics on you daily walk and deposit it in the refuse bins and be assured that these small steps will have a big influence on the wellbeing of our precious oceans.

Pearly Beach Bewarea Conservancy

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