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As a result of the devastating fires that raged during the past few  weeks  in  the  greater  Gansbaai  area, it has became apparent that an emergency supply room is required in our area in order to deal with this type of incident.  It is important that a constructive and co-ordinated plan be tabled that can be actioned during emergencies of this nature. 

The involvement, co-operation and support of the local community is essential to the success of this project.  The community is to be commended for their swift response, outstanding co-operation and generous donations during the recent fires.

The ladies from the various areas joined forces in ensuring that the firemen and women received nourishing food and refreshments, as well as cold drinks.  However, at times there was a surplus and at other times a shortage of food provided.

Co-ordination is thus essential.  The Gansbaai administration has made a store room available where emergency supplies will be stored.  The sole purpose of the emergency store room is to keep provisions and to provide for the needs of the fire fighting personnel.  Its function is not to support families or individuals who may have lost possessions in the fires.  It will also not operate as a communications centre or as a control room.  The joint operations centre (JOC) remains the responsibility of the fire-fighting personnel and will be established by the fire-fighting staff in the specific location of the fire. 

The emergency store has been equipped with shelving and the donation of a deep freeze has already been received from Gansbaai Super Spar.  Supplies can already be stored so that during fire fighting activities it will only be necessary to supplement the existing supplies with items such as fresh fruit and ingredients for making sandwiches and meals. 



Mr Kat Myburgh -               Area Manager

Riana de Coning  -          Councillor

Dudley Coetzee   -           Councillor

Moira Opperman -           Councillor

Area Team Leaders

Gansbaai              Anje Badenhorst                 Cel          082 896 8203

Stanford                 Tabby Robertshaw             Cel          076 243 1930

Pearly Beach        Dave Kunneke                     Cel          072 858 3996

Baardskeersbos Madelein Swart                    Cel          079 189 7906          

Volunteers must please contact the appropriate team leader for their specific area, so that their name may be included on the relevant  database.  During  an emergency situation, team leaders  will  contact volunteers with specific requests for provisions or assistance as needed.

The immediate need is to stock the emergency store room.  Anyone who is able to donate any of the items listed below should please contact their team leader:

Equipment and Material

Cooler bags                                                           Polystyrene containers

Plastic crates for transporting food and drink Brown paper bags

Small cake boxes                                                                Paper plates

Polystyrene drinking cups                                  Serviettes

Wet wipes                                                              Plastic wrap

Bread boards                                                        Bread Knives

Knives for buttering sandwiches


500 ml water bottles                                           Powerade 500 ml

Coke and other cooldrinks 350 ml tins 1lt & 5lt bottles of water

Non Perishable/Dry Ingredients: Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Cremora, Long Life Milk, Salt & Pepper, Energy bars andFruit Gums.

Healthcare Products: Eyedrops

Cleaning Materials: Dishwashing liquid, Scouring sponges, Swabs and Drying up cloths.

Products and donations can be handed to the team leaders, or to Marzaan Middleton at the Gansbaai Municipality or to Glenda Kitley at the Tourism Bureau in Gansbaai.

Various organisations and clubs will be contacted to determine the availability of their facilities should evacuation be needed during the outbreak of a fire.  Any organisations who wish to assist, must please contact one of the co-ordinators with their information.  The Gansbaai SAPD has already indicated their willingness to assist during emergency situations.

Thank you to Kobus van Staden, Chairman of the Gansbaai Chamber of Commerce who took the initiative to establish an emergency fund.  Businesses and the public can make financial contributions to this fund in support of the emergency storeroom. 

The Gansbaai Chamber of Commerce will also control these funds.

Thank you to Omega Industries who have already donated R500  to  the  fund.  Thank you to our local residents for opening your hearts and purses.  Without your support this initiative cannot succeed. 

Cnlr Riana de Coning


Cnlr Riana de Coning

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