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Blog: Craft beer tasting in ‘museum’

Published: 28 October 2016
By:Gansbaai Courant

David MacDonald and his wife, Margaret, literally live in a “museum house” in Pearly Beach and have done so for the past forty years. The house is from the front door to the back filled with valuable antiques as well as Springbok Rugby items in all the rooms and even passages.

Craft beer tasting

David arranged a Jack Black Craft Beer tasting on Thursday, 6 October 2016 with a couple of friends and their wives.

David is involved with other beer role players such as the South African Breweries and Woodstock Breweries. According to his friends they enjoyed an interesting and most enjoyable evening with the excellent beer tasting and refreshments.

“Tog Room”

A special room in the house, The Tog Room, is filled with ±300 rugby ties from various rugby clubs and provinces, as well as ±60 rugby jerseys of famous rugby players, hundreds of rugby caps and many other valuable rugby collection items. He is also in the possession of enlarged group pictures of the 1995- and 2000 Rugby World Cup. The Tog Room is where friends can enjoy the memories of famous rugby players and also enjoy dart- and snooker games.

The South African Rugby Legends Association was founded in 2001 with two complimentary objectives: Developing rugby at the grassroots level and suppor-ting the needs and interests of Bok Legends. Legends also contribute to projects such as coaching, training, fundraising, arranging matches and “passing on the passion” of rugby.

All the members are “old” famous rugby players who became Bok Legends in the rugby world. 

David chairs the committee for Bok Legends for the past sixteen years and arranges test matches, lunches, golf days and other events.

In 2008 David arranged a visit for the Bok Legends to Gansbaai with players such as Errol Tobias, Nelie Smith, John Villet, Theuns Stofberg and Dawie Snyman.

David himself played as center and full-back for the Villager Rugby Club for several years. 

Other museum articles

David can without any doubt being seen as a fulltime collector of valuable antiques. He started with this “fulltime” hobby more than fifty years ago.

His personal involvement in rugby clubs, Provincial Rugby Clubs, the South African Navy and several other clubs and institutions made his huge collection possible. A visit to his house is an unforgettable experience.

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