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Blog: 'Moordvis' writer speaks about research

Published: 24 February 2017
By:Gansbaai Courant

Irna van Zyl, well known author of the book Moordvis/Death in the Water, was the guest speaker during the Pearly Beach Bearea Conservancy’s annual general meeting.  It was held on 16 December last year.

Irna donated some of the proceeds of her books towards the Conservancy.

Her talk highlighted the things that she has learned while writing Moordvis.

She shared all her valuable research done while writing the book.

A lively discussion followed at the end of the meeting which addressed topics such as driving on beaches, kelp collecting, dogs on beaches, social responsibility, oystercatchers, peacocks, honey badgers and more.

The standing committee members were re-elected during the meeting. They are Jason Stonehewer (chairman), Elrina Versfeld, Gerald Henrici, Beatriz Bollmann, Anneke Potgieter, Irna van Zyl, Susanne Fuchs, Ivy Hartman and Sheryll Steyn.

Jason also summarized the activities of the Management Committee, which included special projects such as the nature club and assistance to the local soccer team, the Rising Stars.

A new booklet was launched about Pearly Beach. This wonderful booklet is available at all the local shops in and around Pearly Beach at R35 each - a must for all residents and visitors to this area.

The committee are also very thankful for the big donation obtained to assist in funding the activities of the monthly meetings of the nature club. With that in hand, they obtained much needed equipment for the soccer club.

The activities around the Fynbos Centre and Garden were also highlighted, as well as the grant that the Conservancy obtained from the Municipality to assist with the operating costs of the garden.

Anyone wishing to join the Conservancy or visit the Fynbos Centre and Garden in Pearly Beach is most welcome to do so. The Conservancy can be contacted at 028 381 9080.

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