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Blog: Feedback on festive season traffic

Published: 24 February 2017
By:Gansbaai Courant

From the start of the school holiday all Traffic Operational staff were deployed on all Main routes R43 and R44 leading into Overstrand Area including: (Gansbaai/Stanford – Hermanus and Kleinmond/Rooiels), with the main focus on having road users obeying the road rules and to have a fatality free festive season.

High visibility and blue light patrols were done on a daily basis from 07h00 – 22h00 during weekdays and up to 02h00 over weekends.

In total Overstrand Traffic wrote : 4131Traffic fines :33528 speeding offences.

Out of the 22 accidents that traffic attended during the festive season, 15 was reported as light accidents with no injuries, 5 was reported as light accidents with light injuries  and 2 reported as serious.

0 fatalities were reported for the festive season in Overstrand Area from the start of the holiday up to 05 January 2016.

Traffic flow

In general, traffic officers experienced a heavier traffic flow throughout Overstrand during the past season than any other year. Traffic was backed up through areas and was monitored on a constant basis but due to dual lanes in and outgoing of Hermanus area and the traffic circles through Hermanus CBD, it greatly assisted with the free flow of traffic through Hermanus area towards Stanford/ Gansbaai as well as Cape Town direction.


Motorists were also more respectable and courteous towards other road users over the festive period that also assisted in a decrease in accidents.

Due to high efficiency, commitment, visibility and teamwork, the Overstrand Protection Services as a collective (Traffic, Traffic Administration Office, Law Enforcement/Special Operations and Fire Department) achieved success and were able to reach their objectives.

In comparison with the 2015 festive season they had a major increase this festive season in speeding offences, motor vehicle licences offences and events.

The traffic department were also flooded with numerous complaints streaming in to their office but had to prioritise the most important ones due to the magnitude of holiday makers in the Overstrand, but still opted to attend to most of the complaints.

Most important: Traffic experienced a fatality free Festive Season.

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