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Blog: Health Expo to be held

Published: 18 May 2017
By:Gansbaai Courant

A health awareness expo hosted by a local group of health enthusiasts is to be held in Baardskeerdersbos on the 20th of May.

The expo will be facilitated by the Health & Lifestyle organization ‘Be Free’.

This health expo workshop is a short educational programme designed to teach or introduce to participants, practical skills, techniques and ideas which caA health awareness expo hosted by a local group of health enthusiasts...n be applied to their daily lives to set them on the road to a healthier future.

Genes need not to determine ones future health.  Painful creaking joints and fatigue should not be attributed to age.  At the expo you will learn how to regain vitality and increase your life expectancy.

As modern technology revolutionizes health sciences, people are living longer than ever.  Yet the number of people developing cancer, heart conditions, type II diabetes and dementia conti-nues to grow at an alarming rate.  More and more people are becoming seriously ill.

In today’s economic climate affordable quality health care needs to be personally owned and practically implemented. 

The spokesperson at Baardskeerdersbos, Claudette Barnes says: “We need to take full responsibility for our own health.  Our bodies have been created with a unique ability to self-heal if given the right tools and conditions to do so.”

She further said that a ‘lifestyle-medicine’ education programme focusing on whole-person health can prevent, improve and often reverse disease.

“Modern medicine will always have an important role to play in saving lives, yet it is still up to us to educate ourselves and our children on how to take charge of our health now, for today and for our future.

In our fast paced society there seems to be less and less time to spend on home cooked meals and convenience foods are taking the place. 

Unhealthy traditional styles of cooking also influence our taste choices and impacts our health.”

This is a first for Baardskeerdersbos! Don’t miss out.

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