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The Overberg distributors for Greenman International offer a range of eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products for your home and business. Our products are specifically designed to control odours, cut through grease and grime and most importantly kill harmful bacteria in your home.
We offer a retail range for smaller spaces and also a commercial range for bigger spaces and businesses. Contact us for a free quote and start eliminating harmful chemicals from your daily cleaning routine. Free delivery in Gansbaai.

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Business Information

Cleaning Products

We offer a range of eco-friendly cleaning products namely: 

Dishwashing liquid

Germ off natural sanitizer

GWizz multi-purpose cleaner

D-grease to fight grease and grime

Aqua- B Clear to treat aqua-culture environments

Laundry liquid

Fabric softener

Green-Pet for animal odours and stains

Why choose Greenman?

Greenman eco-friendly cleaning products are:


-Easy to use

-Contain ZERO chemicals

-Completely environmentally friendly and will not harm any living creatures

-The runoff from our range is safe for your garden

-Benefits your health as there are no toxins that are going into your body

-Responsible, as they are not causing harm to the environment and contributing to any form of pollution.

-Packaged in reusable and recyclable materials

Where can you find us?

We are based in the lovely seaside village, Gansbaai. Free delivery in Gansbaai is offered.

We are also the distributors of Greenman International for the entire Overberg region, so we are able to courier your Greenman products straight to your doorstep, how convenient?

We have a range of retail products, as well as a range of commercial products on offer.

Contact us here at 083 250 32 69 or fins us on Facebook to place your order:



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