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Blog: Lets go Horse Riding in Gansbaai!

Published: 15 January 2013

A beach horse ride on Die Plaat, one of the Gansbaai Beaches in the Walker Bay Nature Reserve, is a blissful combination of extreme outdoor adventure and exquisite beauty . . . albeit not recommended for sissies and beginners! The 3 hour beach outride takes you through lush flowering fynbos fields on the Grootbos Nature Reserve, across the R43 to the endless white desert-like dunes that fringe the ocean.

"Only from the saddle of a horse can one truly get an authentic view and true experience of these age old dunes that hoard a sea of secrets in their hollows and peaks"

Depending on the skills and experience of the riders, Die Plaat is the place where the horses generally gallop and gallivant freely in the shallow waves to cool off and escape the rays of the scorching African sun.

The 3 hour beach outride (only for experienced riders!) is one of various tailor-made horse riding excursions on offer to visitors looking to horseride in Gansbaai. A mountain trail offers breathtaking panoramic views over verdant hills, valleys and the entire coastline, while children can embark on guided pony rides.

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