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Huni Bee offers a unique treatment that embraces the life-changing benefits of bee-therapy. Relax to a natural symphony of sound, hummed by an orchestra of local Gansbaai bees as you are pampered with an alternative and totally natural therapy that takes place in a custom-built API module (a small wooden cabin furnished with wooden relaxation beds that are built around active beehives). While nature is singing her song you can opt to enjoy a revitalizing hot oil and honey massage and indulge in visual eye candy that comes in the form of the magical Platbos Forest which is the backdrop to this pure and holistic event. The health and wellness benefits are endless and treatment has been medically proven to strengthen your immune system, improve blood circulation, help balance your metabolism and treat bronchopulmonary ailments such as bronchitis and asthma.

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Husband and wife team Tess and Deon de Kock are passionate about bees. Tess has years of experience in the health and wellness industry while Deon spent many seasons working with nature's V.I.B’s (very important bees) in North America.

It was during one of these seasons as they were transporting the bees across North Dakota to Texas that Deon’s Ukrainian workmates told him about the concept of the API module.

An API module is a small cosy wooden cabin that is furnished with wooden relaxation beds. The hives have channels that are covered by screens that prevent contact with visitors yet allows them to relax on a wooden bed while at the same time feeling the vibrations of the bees, hearing their sounds, smelling the concentrated aromas of propolis, honey, beeswax, pollen, flower nectar and royal jelly. Best of all is that no bees are harmed in the process.

Deon was awestruck and after returning home to South Africa, he approached friends who own the holistic hideaway, Platbos Forest and shared his knowledge of the API module with them. Platbos Forest would be the perfect spot to start South Africa’s first bee therapy treatment centre.

Deon’s climatically adjusted version of the API module now lays nestled between trees in the forest where Tess administers her treatments.

Treatment Sessions

Each therapeutic session in the API module lasts for the duration of one hour. Treatment can be limited to one session or increased to a series of sessions.

After being warmly welcomed by your host, you will be taken to the API module. Once you have removed your shoes you will lie on the wooden bed and experience the sounds, vibrations and aromas of nature's magical creatures. You have the option of either simply lying there or simultaneously receiving a hot oil and honey massage from Tess de Kock.

For those wanting to experience the full benefits of health and wellness in the Platbos Forest for more than a day, there is accommodation available at Platbos Forest by prior arrangement.

Please note that admission to Platbos Forest Reserve is not included in the treatment fee.

Contact Tess de Kock directly for more information regarding the cost of your Huni Bee Therapy.


The Huni Bee team harvest healthy honey twice a year from hives inhabited by feral bees that live on a delicious diet of tasty Fynbos. Jars of fresh Fynbos honey are for sale for as long as stocks last.

Other than the hot oil and honey used for soothing massages, Tess de Kock concocts a highly effective external antiseptic ointment that can be used for skin allergies, psoriasis and nappy rash. For more information on these and other seasonal products, contact Tess de Kock directly.

Gift Vouchers

Contact Tess de Kock directly for more information on how you can enhance the lives of friends and relatives by treating them to a Huni Bee Gift Voucher.



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